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Savage Love: Cross-dressing in kid’s clothing and middle-aged virgins

I was involved with a straight man who enjoys cross-dressing and taking explicit photos. The problem is that the props he uses belong to his three children, all under age 12. For example, he dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl and wore his daughter’s backpack. He dressed up as a slutty...

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Rocky Road: Sexting in the workplace and columnist insecurities

Dear Rocky Road, I really like this boy at work, but I’m not quite sure how to broach the subject. He always seems interested when I talk to him, but I’ve heard he has a girlfriend. Should I text him a sexual picture?Ready For...

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Are you a single, ready-to-mingle, cigar-lovin’ lady? Well, you’re a unicorn, and this week’s unattached gentleman might just be the one for you. He’s a My Father H2K CT-smokin’ son of a gun, and he’s here to catch your heart, and your tobacco leaves, on fire. If you’re interested, send us an email at dgohotsingles@dgomag.com...

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Savage Love: Sex after two years of going without

Is it even possible for a couple that stopped having sex to start back up again? My girlfriend and I (we’re both women) have been together for four years, and we haven’t had sex for two. I thought the sex was good before it stopped, but apparently she was going through the motions. She’s a...

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Rocky Road: Coworker probs, an awkward wedding, and love gone wrong

I have this coworker who never keeps up with her end of the work, and it’s driving the rest of us insane. We’re a small team of people who generally work together well, but this one person seems to get away with everything. She comes in late or sometimes not at all, and no one in...

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Life Hax: Husband only makes an effort for sex

I’d like to warn my husband that I’m unhappy enough that it could destroy us, but I’m not sure how to do it without an ultimatum. I’m unhappy with a general lack of affection, especially the G-rated kind. That bothers me all the more, like I’m only worth an effort when sex is...

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Savage Love: Trans porn, cuckolding, and sex demands

I’m a 62-year-old woman. I was married for 33 years and left five years ago. We hadn’t gotten along for years, but he never stopped wanting or valuing me for sex – in spite of treating me like a household appliance and cheating on me regularly. Not long after the marriage ended, I met a...

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If your love of music usurps your love of your love life, we might have the perfect dude for you. He’s a Nepalese-English-teaching DJ, a beer-schlepper, and a self-proclaimed music snob with a love of the outdoors and a (necessary) hatred of gluten. So, if you’re a backcountry skier who’s avalanche-trained and cool with...

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Rocky Road: A so-called advice column

The best advice I ever got was a question.

I was 17 and I was the living embodiment of a big hot mess. If it was ever depicted in a movie about teenage rebellion, I was doing it. (OK, “Less than Zero” came out that year, and I will admit to being outdone in self-destructiveness by the character Julian, as played by the...

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If your love life is shattered like your iPhone screen, perhaps you should consider this week’s single, a man who might be able to repair both your heart and your device. He’s a tech-disdaining techie with a knack for fixing things, and if you’re clumsy like us, with a perpetually smashed phone screen, his handiness might...

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Savage Love: Fresh starts and oral orgasm issues

I am newly divorced and have started a relationship with a man I’ve known and deeply cared about for decades. The sex is amazing – from start to finish, I feel better than I ever did even in the best moments with my ex. And in the most intense moments? He makes me see stars. He is a very...

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Life Hax: I’m dating a guy who has a wife. How do I tell my friends?

My best friend, “Pam,” and I have been friends since college, and run a small catering business together. We were married the same year and have children who all grew up together. While Pam is still married, I’ve been divorced for years.I love...

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