Shishkaberry made me shishka-stoned as hell

by DGO Pufnstuf

Shishkaberry. ShishkaBERRY. That is the strain we are reviewing this week, and the name of this indica-dominant hybrid strain is not an exaggeration at all. This bud smells like strawberries, without a hint of much else. I had to stick my nose in the container a few times to make sure I wasn’t influenced by the “berry” part of its name, but nope. Berry through and through.

This strain was created by crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain, and during that cross, it definitely took the fruity flavor and scent and used it to its advantage.

It also took the blue coloring from one of its parents, because the buds from Shishkaberry – also known as Kish, although I don’t know why – are a brilliant purple-green color, and appear darker than many other strains.

It’s such a happy-smelling and looking strain that I wasn’t exactly surprised when after a couple of puffs, my head was high and happy, and I had a slight body high going on at the same time. I felt pretty focused at first, and found myself more amused than normal with just about everything. It was verging on Cheshire Cat territory, with my mouth aching from the grin. Twas happy, you guys.

But things quickly went from a silly, alert feeling to straight up lethargy in one fair swoop. Shishkaberry played that good ol’ switcheroo role, and I felt like someone had flipped the light switch on me. One minute I was laughing at all the clever comments on a reddit thread, and the next my eyes were so freaking heavy that I felt like they had miniature weights on them.

But, before I passed right the hell out, I had a few deep thoughts I felt were important enough to jot down. Here they are.

1. “Look at me paying no attention to the TV until I hear, “and then he handed me her vagina.”

I have no idea. Maybe that happened; maybe it didn’t. I can’t tell you for sure, but I highly doubt it, because I was watching a documentary.

2. “I need to go tf to bed.”

I did absolutely need to go tf to bed, because if I had, I wouldn’t have let my mind wander to the last, but certainly most puzzling, idea:

3. “What if people just ate big vats of BBQ sauce.”

I can tell you right now with my sober pants on that if people ate big vats of BBQ sauce, I would quit life.

Stoned notes speak a thousand words, I guess. So, if that doesn’t tell you precisely how Shishkaberry affected me, I’m not sure what will. I was high. Very high. Total body and head high, high. I was super amused with everything, thought everyone was a genius, and then I crashed out and woke up an hour late for work.

There are probably people who can handle this strain without being a complete dopey ass. But I’ve made clear how many of the indica strains affect me – I become a jackass and then pass out – and this one was no exception.

I liked it. I did. I like being amused and awed by everything. And I REALLY like sleeping like a rock. But I will not be touching this strain on a school night again. I’m not sure I can wear the same shirt I slept in to work more than once without feeling immense shame. This is a weekend strain fo’ sho.

DGO Pufnstuf


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