Strain review: Berry White

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?Whether you call it Berry White, White Berry or Blue Widow, they’re all the same strain, which is a cross between indica Blueberry and hybrid White Widow. It’s a very hearty and relatively easy plant to grow with good yields and a respectable THC level coming in at around 22 percent. Some of the offspring produce blue-colored nugs like its Blueberry parent, and also carry a mostly indica-leaning strain that is very solid.

The effectsThis strain is very good for anxiety and stress relief. In low doses, it feels very psychoactive like a relaxing sativa, but a few more hits will bring you a body-melting and mind-warping effect that will last at least a few hours. This is a very pleasant smoke at any dose. It will make you feel creative and introspective while keeping you calm and happy.

The smellIt’s high in terpenes myrcene and limonene, which give it a sour berry smell with some citrus and pine mixed in.

The lookThe most common phenotype is covered in white crystals with hints of blue in the bud structure.

The tasteThe inhale is sweet and lemony while the exhale is somewhat of a sour blueberry taste.

The final verdictThis is a very nice strain for newbies as well as seasoned smokers. It would be great in social situations for people who typically feel anxiety, and I really enjoy it for its mind-expanding yet relaxed qualities. Grown right here in DGO by John over at Kinfolk Farms, this strain should be the one you always keep around for that all-over good feeling after a long day.

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