Exploring and explaining legal marijuana in Colorado.

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Strain review: Strawberry Blonde is proof that blondes have more fun

Out of all the strains we’ve reviewed, Strawberry Blonde may be the oddest strain to...

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Strain review: Bruce Banner is the “Hulk, smash!” of cannabis strains

What’s big, green, and known to smash things at the drop of a hat? No, it’s not...

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Head grower Stacey Hitzeman isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty

Landing a job as a head grower in the cannabis industry is a lucky break. To do so, you not...

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The science of cannabis is pretty darn cool

When you go to dig into the science of cannabis, you may realize that things get a little...

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Concentrate review: Sour Relief vape cartridges are freaking potent (and awesome)

We smoke a lot of flower around here, which is really freakin’ awesome. But...

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Strain review: Horsetooth will have your head in the clouds

Do you children of the ’80s and ’90s remember when Crayola was hell-bent on...

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The darkness of cannabis prohibition has got to give

We are living in an era in which social justice has returned to the forefront of the political...

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Strain Review: San Fernando Valley OG, an indica that will leave you light as a cloud

Seems like we’re on an indica kick these days, you guys. But to be honest, if all...