Exploring and explaining legal marijuana in Colorado.

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Marijuana review: Ripple, powder-form THC

What is it?Ripple, made by Stillwater Brands, is THC in...

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The DEA in charge of the federal cannabis program? Ha!

It’s a Catch-222222 where the foxen are guarding the henhice (I believe those are the...

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States rights for marijuana legalization? Enter Cory Booker

As 2017 rolls along and things get weirder, those of us paying attention to the details have...

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Can this cannabis lawsuit group take the government down?

It turns out, upon undertaking a bit of research, that “fighting fire with fire”...

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Given U.S. history, don’t get too comfortable with your weed

Cannabis is, and has been for nearly a century, a central figure in the American culture wars....

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You should totally use your cannabis to make tincture. Here’s a recipe

Cannabis tincture aka Nectar of the Gods aka Happy Juice aka YumYum aka Gimme Some More aka...

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Sponsored Review: The Bakked Botanical pure CO2 oil cartridge

What is it?An amazing flavor-filled vaping experience,...

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You’re a few simple steps away from cannabutter

Let’s continue rolling through the first span of summer examining the possible uses for...