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Netflix and Chill, 420 Edition: That ’70s Show

This period sitcom aired on Fox from 1998 to 2006, tracking a group of teens in a fictional Wisconsin town in the 1970s. The series normalized pot use among young people; the group of friends who regularly imbibed weren’t all burnouts or degenerates – well, some of them were – but mostly they were harmless adolescents. One or...

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Strain of the Week: Great White Shark

What is it?

Great White Shark is a multi-award-winning blend of exceptional genetics from around the world. Introduced by Greenhouse seeds, it won its first Cannabis Cup back in 1997. THC hunters might mistakenly pass this one by because it consistently comes in at only 14.8 percent THC and .22 percent CBD, but its...

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Weed in winter: Higher cannabidiol strains could be the answer Winter may be the time to downshift from THC-heavy strains and look into the benefits of high CDB (cannabidiol) strains or your own personal blend of the two.

Last weekend: Snowdown.

This weekend: The Broncos Super Bowl.

Next weekend: Winter. The week after that: Winter. After that: More winter.

As we make the long march toward spring, we are of two types – those who love winter and those who loathe it.

Those who love winter will spend the next couple...

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Netflix and Chill, 420 Edition: Louis C.K., weed smoker

This one’s not something fun to watch while high. Rather, the subject matter is highness, and in this case, done in a thoughtful and subversively funny way. Louis C.K. has spoken of it matter-of-factly in public on multiple occasions, including his stand-up act, and has demonstrated that he is very familiar with the...

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Weed review: Snowdown CannaPunch Snow Cones

What is it

It’s a snow cone made with cannabis-infused punch with all the colors and flavors of the ’80s! Just walk outside, dip a cup in the snow and pour CannaPunch over it. CannaPunch comes bottled with 100mg of THC, but 10mg is the recommended dose. Vegan, organic and no soy, gluten or corn syrup.


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Netflix and Chill: 420 Edition

’80s-themed Snowdown is upon us. This was a decade of big hair, loud colors and Madonna. But the era was also rife with fantastic filmmaking; “E.T.,” “The Goonies,” “Indiana Jones,” “Star Wars,” “Back to the Future” and John Hughes. These movies were blockbuster darlings, but we’re highlighting a weirder, darker cult hit from...

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Doing pot for the first time since ’85? Don’t get ‘tourist high’

Events like Snowdown are great because they bring a wider range of people to join the party. It’s not just the party professionals – the PLUR affiliates, the tailgaters and the habitually-up-all-nighters – attendees will include soccer moms trying to recapture a bit of that good ol’ undergraduate spirit, Jerry from accounting...

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Wana Hot Cocoa

What is it?

This is the perfect warm-you-up hot cocoa for those chilly Snowdown days. It’s a single serving 10mg cannabis-infused powder you can mix with hot water or milk to keep you cozy at any event. It’s very stealth, but should always be used in legal places and kept away from kids who might mistake it for the...

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Lights, clones and seeds: More tips to get growing

Growing your own cannabis: So many questions, so little time. Next week’s going to be Snowdown and the only thoughts on anybody’s mind will revolve around consuming the weed in order to get out and have some fun. Until then, there are a few final topics to cover before everyone goes traipsing their ways back to the...

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High-ass recipe: High-aya

It’s rice, vegetables, meat and spices. It’s kind of like jambalaya with its Cajun-y-ness, and it’s also kind of like paella. Put the two together with some optional high-assiness, and you have high-ella ... or maybe it should be called jumbal-high-ya. Regardless, when it’s done, all you need is a bowl and spoon and a...

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Secrets of a weed shop employee

People make wild assumptions about what goes on inside a weed shop. But it’s not the lawless, smoke-infused free-for-all you might be imagining; the environment at Durango Organics is both regulated and professional. To enter, you need to show ID (21 and older), there are cameras in the store with live feed to the Durango...

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Seeing Through the Smoke: Time to get dirty

Plant life here on planet Earth breaks down to four elements – light, soil, wind and water. It can be a bit complex, but it’s not complicated; like choosing your next meal: you could run by the gas station and grab some burrito; you could go to the supermarket and select your own ingredients, bring them home, and prepare...

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