With a million ways to get high, here are three classics

by DGO Web Administrator

There are about a million-and-one ways to get high: Bowl, bong, joint, one hitter, rig, cone, etc, etc. and each has their pros and cons; this special STTS multi-part column will examine some of the usual suspects and a few specialty methods you can use to get yourselves to that perfect state of blazed.

First and foremost on the longtime smoker’s hierarchy of tools …

The jointPros: A joint will get you and a couple friends as high as you want to get, every time.

The amount of weed that is added to a joint is totally variable and dependent on your mood alone; if you only need a bit, just spin a pinner; if you’re going for a higher high, build yourself a gorilla finger and enjoy.

Joints are easy to carry in public; though most of the legal problems with carrying have gone by the wayside in here in the Rockies, they are still the easiest smoking apparatus to dispose of should one run into any kind of trouble with one or more members of the law enforcement community; simply pop it into your mouth, take a decent-sized swig of liquid, and wash it down with a hard gulp.

Joints are the ground where Old School meets New School in the world of tokers – they’ve always been cool and they’ll always be cool.

The materials necessary (bud and a pack of wraps) are cheap and readily available.

Joints give back: Try saving your roaches for a second-generation joint; the resination packs an extra punch.

Cons:If you don’t know how to roll a proper joint, the result can be ineffective and potentially embarrassing, depending on who else is present.

The remnants of a joint, if carried around unsealed, can be especially stinky.

The blunt

What it is: A hollowed-out cigar wrapper or the specially-made facsimile of the same.

Pros and consSee joint, above, with these additional characteristics – blunt smoking will give you additional hip-hop cred (if that’s something your life lacks) and will get you about as high as you’re going to likely get in one sitting without the use of concentrates; where a joint is the perfect vehicle for two or three smokers, a blunt will easily cover up to five.

Blunt rolling pro tip: Lay the empty wrap flat on a surface and rip a small (1/4 inch notch into the top edge of the paper, near the middle. This will make it easier to wrap and seal the finished product after the well-ground weed has been added.

Pro pro tip: Add a thinnnnnn layer of honey inside for taste and to slow down burning.

The one-hitter

What it is: This little contraption comes in the form of a simple metal tube, often painted to look like a cigarette, and is often accompanied by its own carrying case known as a dugout, a small rectangular-shaped wooden box with two hollowed out cavities inside created for the purposes of carrying the one hitter and a small stash of cannabis (usually in the order of 2 grams, well ground).

ProsSimple and stealth.

Everything you need is there in one well-engineered little setup. Just add flame.

ConsThe one hitter is old-fashioned in a way that might get you made fun of by certain contingents of STS9 fans.

The tubes are very small and, as a result, can be subject to clogging. A toothpick or a two minute soak in rubbing alcohol will take care of the problem.

If used for too long in one sitting, a one hitter will get very hot, potentially resulting in burns to fingertips or lips. Take caution.

Take some time to enjoy these longstanding cannabis delivery methods this week, DGO, and feel free to report back with your success or failure stories.

Christopher Gallagher lives with his wife and their four dogs and two horses. Life is pretty darn good. Contact him at [email protected]


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