Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Colorado darlings FY5 to play Meltdown on the Mesa

The International Bluegrass Music Association has put their ears to the West, aiming them...

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My “Best shows in Durango this century” list

I recently put my brain through the wringer trying to recollect some of the better shows...

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‘Old-time is to bluegrass as punk is to heavy metal’

Call them the Six Dollar String “D-I-Y” Band. The Durango band, who on paper are...

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Denver’s Dragondeer to headline Brewfest with far-out blues

Eric Halborg’s harmonica chops were honed in a radio-less pick-up truck. The frontman...

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Robert Randolph and the church of rock ’n’ roll

The music of Robert Randolph began in a church. But your stance on the god, and heaven and...

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The Crags remember some of Durango’s best shows

In a perfect world, all musicians should have good taste in music, perhaps inspired and...

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For Zappa fans – Frank and Dweezil – this one’s a can’t-miss

The name Zappa is synonymous with good, intelligent, important. The late Frank Zappa, who you...

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With Gourds on hiatus, Kevin Russell shining with Shinyribs

Kevin Russell is a big fan of sense of place. The founding member of the on-hiatus Gourds, and...