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Rocky Mountain Funnel Cake Factory is the sugary key to our cold, dead hearts

It was a gloomy weekend in Durango, filled with rain, clouds, and next to no sun. Everything was wet and dreary, and it was a sad reminder that summer will be over come the end of September.

It was these conditions that inspired our trip to our neighbors up north in Silverton. If you’ve never taken US-550 N from...

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Fall festivities we highly recommend you dig your flannels out for

Summer is slipping away and fall is dropping in. While we are self-admitted autumn weather fanatics, we all know that precious time will last about two weeks before it starts snowing again. We’re still so sick of snow.

Anyway, time to dig out your flannel and head to these fall events in the Four Corners.

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19)The Full Moon might create difficulties for you at work. It might even create confusing symptoms with your health. Take it easy. It’s gone in 48 hours.

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)This is an accident-prone day for your...

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IT Chapter 2 can float, too...right into the garbage

It’s interesting when a popular novel with a longstanding fan base just can’t figure out how to garner decent screen adaptations. The most famous example would probably be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby,” a book which for some reason still struggles to get a proper cinematic portrayal, even 84 years later. A modern...

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The elotes at Switchback aren’t the spicy corn snacks of my childhood, but they’re delicious anyway

When I was a young kid growing up in deep south Texas, elotes were a staple of my diet. Many of my friends’ parents worked at the maquiladoras – American factories that are run just across the border in Mexico to get around things like environmental and labor regulations – so we’d spend a lot of time running around the...

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Get outta town: Route 66 is alive with the sound of music

Here we were thinking the saying “when roads sing” was the equivalent to “when pigs fly,” and now we’re sitting at our desk watching endless YouTube videos of drivers making their way down Route 66 as the road belts out “America the Beautiful.” It’s probably American drivers at their most wholesome, and it’s touching to see...

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The New Mexico/Colorado chile war is heating up

The brutal war between New Mexico and Colorado as to who has the best chile continues.

Just a few months after the states’ governors had it out via social media over the Hatch chile versus the Pueblo chile, a New Mexico ad is stirring the pot again.

New Mexico True, the state tourism department, launched a new ad...

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