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Drinking more booze during quarantine?

“They don’t call it THC for nothing...The Hangover Cure,” a Reddit user once posted in a thread titled “Anybody Else Find Weed Super Useful for a Hangover?”

Aside from being a goldmine of great quotes, Reddit offers a bountiful harvest of information on important topics like how weed is a great way to cure that gnarly...


Weird weed: The strangest strain names

One of the best parts of the weed industry is hearing all the creative names people come up with when developing new strains. There are strains named after musicians, celebrities, as well as plenty of puns — there’s plenty of weirdness out there.

During our time of covering weed, we’ve come across plenty of strange...


Edible review: Canyon ChewIT gummies

This isn’t going to be the usual weed review that you find on DGO Mag. There’ll be no tales of me believing that we’re all living in the Matrix or badly assembling furniture whilst stoned off my gourd.

Nah. This particular review is about microdosing, all thanks to Canyon ChewIT gummies. Canyon is a longstanding...


Anal sex is the cherry on top of the taboo sundae of sex

Let’s circle back around to anal sex.

So often our narrow view of sex as being penis into vagina holds folks back from pleasurable experiences. Sex is defined by the individual and can include ANY activity — kissing, holding hands, intimate conversation, sexting, oral, solo or mutual masturbation, fingering, anal,...

Sex & Love


ARIES (March 21 to April 19)For the next two weeks, the pace of your days will accelerate even if you’re isolated at home. Conversations with siblings and relatives will increase.

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)You will be more focused on money,...


Trying the take-out margarita (and a pizza) at the Ska Brewing HQ

Ska Brewing Co. and its attached eatery, The Container of Food, have been offering take-out options since COVID-19 shut down the ability to drink and eat inside. But when Ska — mainly just a beer, hard seltzer, and maybe cider place until now — announced it was also making to-go margaritas, we had to try one.


Food & Drink

Strain review: Pipe Dream from The Green House Durango

Have you ever gotten so high that you lose touch with reality? Like, you conjure up an entire fake conversation in your mind and then inexplicably answer your own nonsensical questions? Yeah, me too — and it was all thanks to Pipe Dream, a strain from The Green House in Durango.

It’s odd, though, that this strain was...


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