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Edible review: 1906 Midnight

I won’t lie to you, dear readers, it’s difficult to write 600 words about a product that made you fall asleep. Granted, this product – Midnight – was specifically made by Denver cannabis company 1906 to do just that. But alas, the process of falling asleep is not an exciting one – all though, in this instance it was a...

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Strain review: Grape Kush

Have you ever smoked something that made you feel like Flat Stanley waving in the wind? Like you’re made of flimsy paper, and every move vibrates through your thin, paper-y body? Like you could be mailed in an envelope and propped up in front of the Eiffel Tower for a photo op, but you can’t straighten out because you’re...

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Get outta town: Meet Clayton – the most haunted town in New Mexico

New Mexico is full of creepy legends and lore but one small town, it seems, has managed to top all the other stories.

Clayton, New Mexico, located just 200 miles northeast of Albuquerque, was deemed the most haunted town in the state by the New Mexico Tourism Department in 2018. Apparently, there’s a lot that goes into...

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We need to teach heterosexual, cisgender men about sex

There is an underserved and neglected segment of the population when it comes to sex education and it is not who you think. Heterosexual, cisgender men. This group within society holds most of the power and privilege and yet, they are seriously lacking when it comes to sexual knowledge. Society perpetuates the idea that...

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Strain review: Blumese

“Should I order a bunch of Chinese food from Door Dash: Y or N” – this was the last text message I sent out after smoking a bowl of Blumese while on a trip to Denver last weekend. I don’t remember sending it out – I actually don’t remember much of anything, really – and it’s all due to this wicked, strong-as-bull strain from...

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Bottom Shelf Brewery is top shelf Bayfield

There’s a corner of Bayfield that feels as much like home as anywhere in Durango. It’s the only brewery in this quaint mountain town and, well, it’s one of our favorite weekend cold beer hot spots.

Bottom Shelf Brewery is a three-and-a-half-barrel brew house with six beers on tap year-round, and two seasonal rotating...

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Edible review: Keef Cola Blue Razz

“You boys sure do smell like reefer!” said the elderly ticket taker. It was September 23, 1994, and I was going to the premier of “Pulp Fiction” with my college buddies. At the time, we smoked brown schwag in large quantities. You had to smoke lots of it to get high, and we sure did smell like reefer after puffing a blunt or...


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