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Soundtracks that slay

BRE-BRE(pause)BRE-BRE! That’s me screaking Bernard Herrmann’s “Psycho Suite” at your Halloween party. BRE-BRE(pause)BRE-BRE! BRE! DOAHH DOAHH DOAHH! Don’t like it? You aren’t gonna quiet the clamor of my counter-perched gargoyle ass unless you turn on some tunes.

No, you can’t turn on the “Psycho Suite.” 1) I was just...

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What’s new: “Vitriola,” Cursive

Last week was one heck of a week for new releases, my friends, and it’s across the board. I do believe there is a little something for everyone. Before getting into my singular record of choice, let me give you my long-winded version of the quick and dirty on a handful of albums currently available at your favorite local...

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Colorado is riding high with disco-grass and jam culture

Musician Jack Cloonan is developing his own genre. A former Durango resident, Cloonan leads The Jack Cloonan Band and is developing the genre of “disco-grass.”

A fusion of festival-heavy genres, it’s one part jam-band, one part acoustic funk, and all parts upbeat party.

“It’s bluegrass fusion with Celtic and funk...

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Savage Love: Cross-dressing in kid’s clothing and middle-aged virgins

I was involved with a straight man who enjoys cross-dressing and taking explicit photos. The problem is that the props he uses belong to his three children, all under age 12. For example, he dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl and wore his daughter’s backpack. He dressed up as a slutty...

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19)This is an excellent week to ask for a loan or mortgage, or to ask to borrow something from someone. Why? Because the universe will be generous to you this week!

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)Relations with partners and...

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Bludgeoned stoners and cheesy jump scares

It’s the best time of year! And what we mean by that is it’s almost Halloween, our fav! It’s a time that also includes our second fav, which is a buncha booze and a good ol’ horror film marathon.

But we say this year it’s time to mix things up. Scary movies all follow the same type of tropes – they virtually exist only...

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In praise of root vegetables

It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about the heat and all but buying stock in SPF 75. And now, here we are, deep in autumn’s clutches. I spent last weekend leafing my little heart out, admiring the groves of vibrant aspens along the scenic San Juan Skyway. It hit me that the days are growing shorter, the air is...

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