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The ultimate viewer guide to the 2021 Durango Film Festival

The year without film is no more! Hollywood may have held all of their big new blockbuster releases over the last year or so, but there is new content on the horizon thanks to the Durango Film Festival, which has gone totally socially distanced this year with a virtual film fest.

That’s right; unlike years past, this...

Arts & Entertainment

Edible review: Dixie Berry Lemonade Elixer

It isn’t often that I choose to go with a cannabis-infused beverage when I want to kick back and get stoned, but whenever I do, I always wonder why I don’t do it more often.

My latest cannabis-infused beverage misadventure involved the Dixie Berry Lemonade Elixir because, if I’m being honest, I REALLY miss summer. This...


Weird, strange, and surprising news from around the state

We had high hopes for the new year, but apparently 2021 isn’t getting any less weird than the prior one. Guess we need to buckle up for this funky ass ride. Sorry folks; there is no ejection seat on this one. We’re all stuck together.

Reality is that we’re not even three months into 2021 and already it already feels...


Strain review: Aware-N-Us Banilla Batch cartridge from Prohibition Herb

It’s time to talk about something serious: equality. I know this is a weed review, but it ain’t all fun and games (... yes it is, but but still).

While the legalization in Colorado and other states has helped to temper some of the racial disparities related to marijuana, the playing field still isn’t level for people...


Strain review: Jabberwokie from The Green House Durango

Ever smoked a High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado people’s choice award-winning strain? (Good lord, that was a mouthful.) I have — and if you haven’t, you have no excuse for it. This strain is available right down the dang road, whether you live in Pagosa Springs or Durango.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, I’m...


Looking for something to do in March? Look no further than this calendar.

7th Annual Unchain my heART – a multimedia youth art show

March 1 to March 4

Online at www.lpys.org

La Plata Youth Services invites you to the 7th Annual, and 1st VIRTUAL, Exhibition for Unchain My heART, a youth multimedia art show at www.lpys.org.

The Unchain my heART exhibit gives young artists who...

Food & Drink

Thirsty? Or just parched for human interaction? Mask up and head out to these daily happy hours in and around Durango

Looking for a socially distanced drink or six now that the COVID-19 restrictions are easing up? Yeah, us too. You can catch us at one or all of these happy hours as we drink away the afternoons and the evenings in a toast to more freedom.

Just one thing, though: wear your dang masks when you go, will ya? We don’t need...

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