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Looking for a way to pass the time?

Dandelion Festival

When: Saturday, May 1

Where: Rotary Park

1565 E. 2nd Ave.,...

Dispelling a few dangerous myths

If you follow the news in any way, you’ve probably seen the concern from some conservatives and religious organizations that transgender youth are destroying sports, can’t be trusted in bathrooms, or need to be “fixed.”

Let’s gather around so we can dispel myths and learn a few (or many) things.

Sex & Love

Ask a couple of potheads

Hello out there! This is Blaze and Puf, your two friendly neighborhood potheads. This is round three of our semi-new column magazine called, well, “Ask a couple of potheads.” We’ve been stoked with the amount of feedback and questions we’ve received over the last few issues, so please keep ’em coming! We freaking love talking...


Vape review: Green Dot Labs Silver Label live resin cartridges

As an avid, enthusiastic, and regular user of the marijuana plant, you could say I’ve built up quite a tolerance over time. It’s rare that I feel like a product truly tosses me out on my rear end and makes me feel like I just went into a Star Wars hyperdrive without ever leaving my couch.

Well, fellow stoners, I have...


Edible review: Wana Quick Limoncello gummies

“It tastes like Skittles!”

This was the first phrase that came out of my friend’s mouth as soon as they tried the Wana Quick Limoncello gummies. After I tried on next, I couldn’t have agreed more. They were effing delicious and, if they weren’t a bunch of edibles, I probably would have downed the whole thing by...


Wedding Pie is the weed equivalent of an emotional weighted blanket

Do you ever get so bogged down by life that you really just need a good excuse to sleep for 12 hours straight without any disturbances or weird, vivid dreams that you have to live with the next day? Anyone? Well, dear readers, I do. Often. But, unfortunately, those opportunities are rare so I usually just take my crappy six...


This spring in film

Hypocrisy in the New Space Jam Movie?Nostalgia and outdated pop culture are a heck of a combination, and they’re a combo that generally doesn’t end well.

The Warner Bros’ reboot of Joe Pytka’s cult comedy “Space Jam” (1996) appears to be testing this formula — at least based...

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