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A weekend of bingeing Robert Pattinson films

It was an RPattz filled weekend for me last week.

Acclaimed English film actor Robert Pattinson has come a long way since his vampire days as the male lead in the Twilight flicks, and his most recent releases are no exception. The first is the highly anticipated sci-fi epic of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” and the second...

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Edible review: NFuzed sour gummies

Is it just me or does anyone else miss going to movie theaters, spending a butt load of money on snacks (or sneaking them in, of course), as you fat-kid your way through that film? Well, I sure do, and thanks to NFuzed sour gummies I got a little taste of that this week.

During my last visit to the dispensary, I noticed...


It’s our turn to carry the torch left behind by the notorious, brilliant, imperfect Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

There are moments when hope is diminished.

The passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of those moments. A light has gone out in the world this day - September 18, 2020.

I could spend this time recounting Justice Ginsburg’s legendary career as an advocate for women’s rights, but you all know how to search...


Have you done a bunch of COVID-19 gardening? Consider giving your homegrown produce to Fresh Food Connect

If you decided to pick up gardening as your chosen COVID-19 hobby, you might be considering what to do with all that extra produce you just harvested. Sure you could give it to friends and family, but perhaps consider donating that overflow since you’re so #blessed.

Thanks to a Colorado non-profit called Fresh Food...

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Durango Craft Spirits has some new bourbons aging, and we’re excited

Fans of local whiskey, we’ve got something to look forward to ... albeit in about 1.75 years.

Durango Craft Spirits has two new spirits aging — a blue corn bourbon and a single malt bourbon — both of which should be ready in 2022, according to co-owner and distiller Michael McCardell. The limited releases will join the...

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Strain review: Gelato Cake from The Green House Durango

I’m not what you call a stupendous cook, but this week, I learned that I’m far worse after I’ve smoked a bowl of Gelato Cake. Specifically, I get distracted and burn things.

Now, it’s long been documented that The Green House tends to put us on our asses with the bud they sell. If you’re planning to smoke bud from this...


Durango Beer and Ice Co. pops up in the place of its north Durango predecessors

Without much fanfare – understandable in our virus-gripped times — a new brewery has opened on the north side of Durango.

Durango Beer and Ice Co. is located at 3000 Main Ave. — the water tower-bedecked location most recently occupied by Chainless Brewing, and the home of Durango Brewing Co. before that. It appears that...

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