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Farmington, NM – March 17-19 2023

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Cook up some canna-sugar

Don’t toss the old shake; use it to cook up some weed-filled sugar instead! Are you looking to add a little something extra to your

A picture-perfect Purple Sunset

OK, so the sunset was not exactly picture perfect, but this strain was delightful AND strong! Do not take a shower after you’ve smoked Purple

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Wait, is Corona gluten-free?

In 2008, I participated in an allergy elimination diet. A friend of mine did it to figure out why she had heartburn, so I thought,

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Get your weed on!

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Weed news worth knowing

Wondering what’s going on in the wide world of weed (news)? Well, we’ve got answers for you. From a program that encourages you to intentionally

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Tolerate the tolerance

Tired of having to smoke up a storm to get stoned? Here’s why you may want to take a break.(Just hear us out!)   Hey

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Don’t strain!

New to the world of cannabis? Get caught up with this handy dandy primer on the most popular strains Ladies and gentlemen, gather ‘round and

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You see us rollin’

Not on spinners, silly! We’re rolling around the wild and wacky world of rolling papers Welcome to the wild and wacky world of rolling papers!

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Ask a couple of potheads

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Ask a couple of potheads

Blaze and Puf answer your weed-related questions on tipping, popcorn nugs, and stoner paranoia Hello out there! This is Blaze and Puf, your two friendly

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Ask a couple of potheads

From whether your landlord can ban cannabis cultivation to where to find weed bars, here are all your burning questions for DGO’s resident potheads Hi

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Ask a couple of potheads

From the best gluten-free gummies to hacks for rolling joints when you suck at it, here are all of your burning questions for DGO’s resident

DGO 2022.11 November Page 21 Image 0002

Ask a couple of potheads

From strains to drown out your family during the holidays to how Biden’s weed pardons work, here are the answers to your weed-related questions Hi

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Culture, culture

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Film capsules

Stowaway leaves quite a bit to be desiredMovies set in space are almost as bad as films built around time travel movies. The amount of

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