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Looking for something to do in the month of June?

Historical Ghost Tour - Durango Ghost Walk

When: 7 p.m. daily in June

Location: Downtown Durango

Arts & Entertainment

Ask a couple of potheads

Hi there! It’s time for another Q&A with our good buddies Blaze and Puf. These two potheads are here to answer all of your burning questions about cannabis, legalization, and other weed-related inquiries. That’s basically all they’re good for — that and smoking weed — so you might as well take advantage of their useless...


Wyld Pear Gummies add a new cannabinoid to the mix: the elusive CBG

It’s not very often that I’m stumped by a new product at the dispensary. I spend a lot of time smoking and ingesting cannabis — for work and otherwise — and I am typically pretty good about staying on top of what’s happening with new products.

I have apparently been slacking recently, though, because I just stumbled...


Weird Colorado news, the weed edition!

Delta-8 is a no-deal in Colorado If you’re looking for delta-8 cannabis products in Colorado, you may have to expand your search to another state. And good luck finding one. Following in the footsteps of many other states in the nation, Colorado officially banned the sale of delta-8...


Film capsules

Stowaway leaves quite a bit to be desiredMovies set in space are almost as bad as films built around time travel movies. The amount of suspended disbelief they require if you want to believe the plot lines often gets in the way of the viewing experience. That said, space films based on...

Arts & Entertainment

We don’t know what we don’t know...

I don’t know.


I want to learn more.

These phrases are almost as taboo as talking about sexuality. And entirely out of reach when we are asking for help and want to learn about sexuality. Curiosity is cute in little kids, but adults are conditioned to believe that asking for help or being curious, i.e.,...

Sex & Love

The Purple Headband strain from Prohibition Herb is an elevating kick to the feels, and you need it in your life

Ever said something dumb while stoned? Of course you have. There are some strains that turn your brain into complete and total happy brain mush. For me, that strain is apparently Purple Headband.

I learned this little fact recently while reviewing the strain for Prohibition Herb. This strain, one of Prohibition’s...


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