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Get Outta Town: See the machines that probe the secrets of the cosmos

Head 50 miles west of Socorro, New Mexico, and you’ll find one of the best locations on the planet to listen to outer space. Less “E.T.” and more “Contact” (in fact, it was a filming location), the Very Large Array is a collection of 27 radio antennas on the Plains of San Agustin.

The dish of each antenna is about 82...


Weird real estate: Ever want to live in an abandoned missle silo complex?

Considering buying real estate? For about $375,000 you might be able to get a three bedroom, two bathroom home on the outskirts of Durango. Or you could live in a decommissioned Titan II missle complex in Arizona.

It’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but if geopolitics go south and society collapses, where would you feel more...


Strain review: Juice Man from Prohibition Herb

Prohibition Herb keeps rolling out the new strains, and we get to keep trying them. No, this is not the worst job on Earth.

As you may have guessed by my very short intro, this week we are reviewing a new strain from Prohibition called Juice Man. If you aren’t familiar with this strain, please allow me school you. So,...


Sex on the couch: What a sex coaching session is really like

When I first began conceiving my business plan for Birds and Bees, I was focused on workshops because I love being in rooms with groups of people. It quickly became evident that my joy and ease with sex topics wasn’t always going to lead to rooms full of people. How was I going to meet the needs of individual clients, when I...

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Boon’s in Farmington features Thai barbecue and friendly atmosphere

Did you know that Farmington has a Thai barbecue place?

I didn’t – but then again up until recently, I hadn’t really explored the city’s downtown area. I’ve always been content shopping among the chains and big box stores on the northeastern side of town, venturing further south on trips to specifically visit Three...

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ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Make a note that this is a poor day to shop or make important decisions. It’s OK to spend on food, gas and entertainment (tickets to movies or games). That’s it.

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)You will prefer being low-key...


Nemesis 5 Esports brings gaming arena to Four Corners

Are you a serious, competitive video gamer? Do you also need to get out of the house and at least be in the same room with some other people?

If so, Nemesis 5 Esports, Farmington’s new gaming facility might appeal to you.

According to the Durango Herald, the gaming arena officially opened on Nov. 22 and features...

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