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ARIES (March 21 to April 19)This week you are focused. It’s a great day to tackle red-tape details like taxes, debt, bills, insurance issues and things you might want to avoid.

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)This is the perfect week to sit down with...


Billy Goat Saloon’s Ate-1122 does bar food right

Billy Goat Saloon has been, and remains, one of my favorite Bayfield haunts – it’s made up of an eclectic group of staff and patrons, and it’s just weird enough that everyone feels welcome.

It was for this reason that I was excited to try out a new restaurant that opened inside the bar, Ate-1122, which recently started...

Food & Drink

Kennebec Café and Bakery, a little gem on the way to Mancos

On your way to Mancos, La Plata Canyon, or the Hesperus ski area, you may notice the Kennebec Café and Bakery. In place of the solitary buildings that once housed Chip’s Place (diner and motel) now stands a local favorite for casual-but-fine dining, away from busy Main Street. I decided to go have brunch with a couple others...

Food & Drink

The stoner culture in Colorado

Back in the ’80s, when we only had one option when it came to weed — whatever you could get — and we would get creative with our paraphernalia. I had a fake ID in high school to get alcohol, but it also served to get me into the back room of certain stores in the big city. Before your imagination gets the best of you, these...


“Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow” is smoking its way to Durango

“I’m Jay and this is my hetero life mate, Silent Bob.”

If that quote doesn’t sound familiar, then you need to stop reading this article and immediately find the movie “Clerks.” Or “Mallrats.” Or “Clerks II.” Or “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” or really any movie that Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes got their hands on....

Arts & Entertainment

Get Outta Town: Visit the land before time at Dinosaur Ridge

Take a walk in the great outdoors and you’re bound to see all kinds of signs of wildlife, because here in Colorado, we’re lucky to have all manner of creatures — anything from deer and moose to bears. Unfortunately, we no longer have any dinosaurs we can harass when we visit national parks. Gone are the days when we could get...


Go to university for pot, not pottery

For those of you still teetering on the fence of what you’d like to do with your life, if going back to school is an option for you, well, now there’s weed university. Well...to be more exact there’s Cannabis Training University.

According to Westword, the school’s training is now offered at two and four-year...


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