Review: Locally blown glass pipes take the cake

by DGO Web Administrator

Boasting the largest selection of locally-blown glass pipes and smoking accessories in Durango, Gandolf’s Smoke Shop is considered an authority when it comes to pieces.

Jake Holland, manager of Gandolf’s, said when it comes to the most popular pipes, the locally-made selection is king. He pulled out a few pipes and gave DGO the rundown on each.

The Big one

Price range: $200+

Style: Sherlock pipe

Pros: Really unique pipe with a large bowl that is heavy duty and built to last.

Cons: Price

Holland: “Although this piece is really badass, it might sit here for a long time because of how pricey it is.”

Local Long Stem

Price Range: $30

Style: Hand pipe

Pros: Longer stem the cooler the smoke gets.

Cons: Clogs easily

Holland: “Supposedly, these were the first pipes that we carried in here, and this is what started Gandolf’s.”

Basic hand pipe

Price Range: $17+

Style: Hand pipe

Pros: Affordable

Cons: Clogs easily

Holland: “I sell a lot of those because of how simple and affordable it is. Plus, certain styles glow in the dark.”

Novelty Bird

Price Range: $150+

Style: pocket or hand pipe

Pros: Quirky and unique conversation piece

Cons: Fragile and small glass pieces that break easily.

Holland: “People like to buy these for how quirky they are. They bring people into the store to look.”

— Raychel Johnson


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