Eat your weedys

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

Get a few more THC-infused fruits and veggies in your life with Forbidden Fruits

We all could use a little more fruit and vegetables in our lives, and I am no different. As someone who is not afraid to say that their diet is mostly made up of stoner snacks, some weekends, the closest thing I eat to being healthy are some fruit snacks.

Well, folks, I’m turning over a new leaf with Forbidden Fruit. Not of the biblical kind, mind you, but of the cannabis sort. Started in 2018, Forbidden Fruit is a Colorado cannabis company that sells its products all over the state. Their products are unique in that they offer up dehydrated fruit like apples and mangos infused with THC. Listen, that’s one way to get stoners like me to eat healthy!

Forbidden Fruit comes in five different flavors: kiwi, mango, chili mango, apple cinnamon, pineapple, and papaya. Now all these sound delicious but, for me, the only choice was to go with the mango, my absolute favorite fruit. That and apple cinnamon to switch things up.

Let me assure you, Forbidden Fruit delivers on the taste and high fronts. I went with mango first as it was the flavor I was most excited about and was not disappointed. It tasted like, well, dehydrated mangos, and same with the apple cinnamon. (Feel free to make a joke about how the snozzberries taste like snozz-berries like I did.) Not sure what else I was expecting but one never knows with edibles sometimes!

One of the other really great things about Forbidden Fruit is that they also provide suggestions on what to pair your edibles with. For example, the company suggests pairing the mango edibles with salsa, honey, or champagne (not all at once, mind you). I decided to give it a go with some salsa. While I don’t have much experience making my own salsa, I’d like to think it’s edible, especially now that I’ve mixed in some cannabis mango.

The same went for the apple cinnamon which Forbidden Fruit suggests you pair with vanilla ice cream, apple pie, and cinnamon oatmeal. As my baking skills leave a lot to be desired and I wasn’t too keen on having edibles for breakfast, I went with the simplest solution of getting myself some vanilla ice cream from the store, scooped myself a bowl, and sprinkled some cinnamon apple edible bits into my ice cream.

This here is where I caution you on portioning out your edibles. Please don’t just dump the entire bag of mangos into your salsa or all your apple slices into your bowl of ice cream. Maybe I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to how much edibles I take but, friends, I was QUITE stoned after devouring these snacks. Each pack comes with 10 fruit slices a piece that contain 10 mg of THC each. To be fair, edibles tend to deliver a swift kick to my rear end after ingesting them so I’m much more cautious about how much I eat than I am when toking on a vape or lighting a bowl.

But, I digress. I was an actual human slush pile after enjoying my evening of combining my dehydrated fruit edibles with various other foods, and I was not unhappy about it. I wish I could provide more details other than “I got really high” for you, dear readers, except I don’t remember much other than forlornly staring at the ceiling waiting for my stomach to explode from all the food I ate then promptly fell asleep. I suppose, depending on how you look at it, that’s actually a very good review of an edible product.

So, thank you, Forbidden Fruits, for making my Saturday evening a blessing and a half. I encourage the rest of you to go out and try these delicious fruity wonders next time you come across them and get to cooking. Your stomach, and your health meter, will thank you for your service.


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