Getting skull-hugged by Purple Headband

by DGO Pufnstuf

If you’ve ever wanted to become the human equivalent of a single-celled amoeba, this strain will hook. you. UP.

Ever said something dumb while stoned? Of course you have. There are some strains that turn your brain into complete and total happy brain mush. For me, that strain is apparently Purple Headband.

I learned this little fact recently while reviewing the strain for Prohibition Herb. This strain, one of Prohibition’s beautiful premium strains, just landed on the shelves at the dispensary, and if you like being rendered the human equivalent of a single-celled — but extremely optimistic — amoeba, you may want to grab some. (I kid; I kid. You should all grab some of this strain. It’s freaking awesome — but we’ll get to that.)

If you aren’t familiar with what Purple Headband is, here’s a quick synopsis of this strain. The Purple Headband strain has some interesting genetics behind it. It’s a hybrid strain with the skull-hugging Headband strain as one parent. The other parent? Hell if I know. It’s an unknown purple strain. You can clearly see where the name came from, so I won’t bother pointing that part out.

I grabbed an eighth of this strain from Prohibition over the weekend and was su-per excited to see that it came in the dis-pensary’s fancy-as-heck glass containers. There were even pictures of the plants on the box the container was housed in.

What I love about those containers is that you can see right into the soul of your weed. All you have to do is peer in and look.

What I saw in the jar was a mound of purple-green buds, both dense and thick, with the most pungent aroma on the planet.

How do I know the aroma was pungent, you ask?

Well, I was able to smell the weed through the glass — despite the lid still being on the container. The bud smelled like fruity gasoline mixed with the earthy scent of the forest, and, while that mix of smells may seem a little strange, I loved it.

And, as you may have guessed, that aroma was much, much more noticeable after I took the lid off the jar. It filled my entire kitchen with the smell of weed, despite the candle burning on the counter. In other words, this stank was no joke.

I was super excited to try this one out — just as I am with any strain Prohibition asks me to review — so I decided to take my chances and load a bowl in the middle of the afternoon. I pulled apart the sticky buds — and I do mean sticky; it was stuck to my fingers after inspecting it — and loaded a dry herb vape with fragments of Purple Headband.

I wasn’t sure what to expect after smoking it — the last time I smoked Headband I remember being really, really high, but don’t remember much else — but I figured I’d just let it ride.

That turned out to be a surprisingly good call on my part.
All it took was one bowl of this strain to get me blazed as hell in the very best way. No coughing, no choking, and nothing unpleasant. I just fired it up, inhaled, and felt the warm hug of Purple Headband wash over me.

It started with the feeling of being elevated into a better mood, which I could use basically all the time these days. I wasn’t in a funk prior to smoking, but I am naturally an angsty jerk. So having a strain that can pull me out of that natural cynicism is great. Let that do the heavy lifting for me. All of my cares washed away with that bowl, and what came in was a wave of positivity.

Once I had a perma-grin plastered across my face, the rest of the effects started to kick in, too. I was just sitting there, smiling and zoning out, when the odd but pleasant feeling of the “head-band” started to wash over me. It’s such a surreal feeling, that tightening and pres-sure around your skull that comes from smoking strains like these, but it always appears, and I always feel it.

And, after the headband came more of the cerebral high that I was hoping for. I was mellow, happy, and relaxed, but not couchlocked in any way. If I’d wanted to get up and be productive I could have. I just didn’t really feel like it. I was content doing what I had been doing all day, which was nothing. Nada. Zilch.

While those were the primary effects of this strain, I will tell you that they weren’t the only ones that came with it. I was so pleased with how happy I felt after smoking a bowl that I decided to smoke another one just for kicks. And that’s when the real fun started.

After the second bowl, the effects were a little more psychedelic. I was still just basically stoked to be alive, but when I looked at my phone screen or my book, the words appeared to be popping out of the pages or the screen like they were being projected onto the surface. That has happened before with other strains, but I usually have to smoke way more than two bowls to get there.

I rode that out for a while, amused with life and the effects this strain had on words and images, before passing out. No munchies. Just sheer bliss.

If you’re looking for a kick in the mood pants, or if you want to get stoned enough to have weird things happen to the words in your book, this strain is it. It turned me into a slap-happy human being, which is a tough feat for any strain, and kept me amused for a lot longer than I’d expected. I’m digging it, and totally stoked that I have the rest of an eighth left. I’ll be tossing this one into the mix on a regular basis, that’s for sure, and you probably should, too. It’s badass and you’ll love it.


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