Edible review: Dragonfruit-flavored Phyx Water by Spherex

by DGO Pufnstuf

I wasn’t super sure how to feel when I first got my hands on a four-pack of Phyx Water. I’m not super big on edibles — I generally try to avoid drooling on myself and talking nonsense, which is what happens when I take one — and that’s precisely what Phyx is. Or, so I thought anyway.

I learned very quickly that Phyx is not your average edible. This flavored sparkling water is infused with 10 mg of quick-acting, microdosed THC that uses “nano-encapsulation absorbtion technology” so you’ll likely start feeling the effects almost immediately, or at least within 15 minutes. And, as an added bonus, those effects wear off within an hour or so, meaning that you can probably chug this drink, be a bit stoned for a while, and then go back to sober in short order.

Oh, and did I mention that this shizzzz is delicious? I did not, because I haven’t gotten to that part. But spoiler alert, it is indeed delicious. I am a La Croix addict (except for Pamplemousse, which is gross), and even as a sparkling water purist, I would drink this weed water any day of the week. Any. Day. Of. The. Week. It is that good. It tastes just like a La Croix, only with a bit more flavor.

And none of that flavor is weed, by the way. That flavor isn’t fake sugar or other junk, either. Phyx is made with all natural ingredients, has zero calories, sugar or carbs. Basically it’s just clean, slightly fruity water with bubbles that gets you high.

But not too high, mind you. Just high enough that you feel the effects. It’s a steady ass ride, but I’ll get to that. Before I do, let’s talk shop about the amount of liquid you have to consume to down this Phyx biz.

I would not normally want to ingest an entire La Croix in a matter of minutes, but Phyx, which is 8.5 ounces per bottle, has proven to me that I could stay really hydrated if I wanted to. It’s a matter of priorities. It probably helped that we were sent the dragonfruit flavor, which was so refreshing and clean, but still.

I was able to finish my suprisingly heavy bottle of Phyx in a minute or two, probably because I really liked the way the dragonfruit flavor tasted. There are a couple of other flavors — grapefruit and lime — and if they’re anything like this one, they’re badass. I didn’t notice any weed flavor in the water, which is impressive, given that the only thing masking it is a bit of dragonfruit flavor.

And, very shortly after I was done chugging I did indeed feel the effects of the THC. I first noticed that kinda floating feeling that you get with edibles, but unlike some of the other products I’ve tried, this one led to a feeling that was pretty pleasant and tolerable. I knew I was high, but I was just high enough that I was out of my own head for a bit. Not up in the sky.

The strange part about it was that the high really didn’t intensify, either. It started off as a really pleasant, floating feeling and it stayed that way for about an hour. I hung out, watched some TV, and just vegged, happy and hungry, until it wore off.

The even stranger part, though, was that I didn’t notice any comedown or flat-lined feeling as it wore off. I almost always either pass out or notice a crash after an edible, where my limbs feel heavy, my brain feels tired, but I’m very sober. That didn’t happen with Phyx. It was pleasant from start to finish.

And I really do mean that. The taste, the effects — hell, even the packaging was pleasant. I really liked this sparkling weed water, and I’ve actually been trying to pace myself so I don’t run out. That’s been hard to do, considering how easy-going this high was and how good the Phyx tasted.

I definitely recommend this if you’re a fan of sparkling water and weed. It combines the best of both worlds in a quick, easy to handle high. Plus it tastes like dragonfruit. Total freakin’ win.

DGO Pufnstuf


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