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What your birth month predicts about the type of smoker you are

There’s a solid chance that you’re well aware the magic sticky-icky plant known as, well, weed has been enjoyed by individuals around the world for centuries. And, with its diverse range of strains, effects, and consumption methods, it’s no surprise that the cannabis com-munity is as diverse as the plant itself.

But did you know that your birth month might hold a clue to the kind of cannabis smoker you are? That’s right; an intriguing concept, no? Yes. So, let’s get to it and explore what your birth month might reveal about your smoking style.

January: The Contemplative Connoisseur
If you were born in January, you might find yourself drawn to cannabis as a tool for self-discovery and introspection. You’re the type who prefers a quiet evening with a thought-provoking strain that enhances your creativity and allows you to explore the depths of your mind. Strains high in CBD might be your go-to, as they offer relaxation without the overwhelming psychoactive effects.

February: The Social Smoker
Those born in February tend to be social butterflies, and their cannabis preferences reflect this. You thrive in group settings and enjoy passing a joint or sharing a vaporizer with friends. For you, cannabis is a way to enhance connections and create memorable moments with your favorite people. Sativa-dominant strains that induce a light and uplifting high are your best companions.

March: The Adventurous Aficionado
March babies are known for their sense of adventure and curiosity, and their cannabis preferences align perfectly. You’re open to trying new strains, methods, and experiences. From edibles to concentrates, you’re eager to explore the full spectrum of what cannabis has to offer. Your adaptable nature makes you the perfect candidate for experimenting with hybrid strains that blend various effects.

April: The Zen Zephyr
Individuals born in April are often characterized by their calm and collected demeanor. You’re the one who seeks solace in cannabis, using it as a tool to unwind and find peace amidst the chaos of life. Indica strains, with their soothing and relaxing properties, are your top picks. You value the tranquil moments that cannabis brings, whether it’s a quiet night in or a mindful meditation session.

May: The Creative Can-nabis Enthusiast
May-born cannabis enthusiasts have a flair for creativity. You’re the artist, the writer, the innovator who thrives on the imaginative boost that cannabis provides. Sativa strains with their cerebral effects inspire your artistic endeavors and help you see the world in new and exciting ways. You’re not afraid to let your creativity run wild and let cannabis be your muse.

June: The Balanced Bud Enthusiast
Balance is the key for those born in June, and your cannabis habits reflect this trait. You appreciate the harmony that cannabis can bring to your life, using it in moderation to enhance experiences without overpowering them. Hybrid strains that offer a well-rounded blend of effects are your go-to, allowing you to maintain equilibrium in all aspects of your cannabis journey.

July: The Nurturing toker
If your birthday falls in July, you have a nurturing and caring personality. You enjoy sharing your cannabis knowledge and experiences with others, acting as a guide for newcomers in the world of weed. Your preferences lean toward strains that promote relaxation and foster deep conversations, making Indica-dominant strains your chosen companions.

August: The Energetic Puffer
August babies are known for their energy and enthusiasm, and this carries over to their cannabis habits. You enjoy strains that boost your energy and keep you engaged throughout the day. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or diving into a creative project, sativa strains that offer a burst of motivation and focus are your ideal choices.

September: The Analytical Toke Guru
Those born in September have a natural inclination towards analysis and critical thinking. Your cannabis journey is marked by a fascination with the science and intricacies of the plant. You’re drawn to strains that pique your curiosity and provide a cognitive boost, making hybrid strains with balanced effects your favorites. You might even find yourself experimenting with DIY cannabis projects.

October: The Chill Can-nabis Aficionado
October babies exude a laid-back and easygoing vibe, and this translates into their approach to cannabis. You seek strains that induce a mellow and relaxing high, helping you unwind and find contentment in life’s simple pleasures. Indica strains that offer a sense of calm without being too overpowering are your companions of choice.

November: The Introspective Indulger
Those born in November are often deep thinkers who enjoy delving into the mysteries of life. Your cannabis preferences mirror this introspective nature, as you gravitate towards strains that encourage introspection and self-discovery. High-THC strains with a touch of CBD might be your favorites, allowing you to explore your thoughts while maintaining a grounded presence.

December: The Festive Flower Enthusiast
December babies have a knack for finding joy in the festivities and celebrations of life. Your cannabis habits align with this festive spirit, as you enjoy strains that enhance your mood and make gatherings even more enjoyable. You’re open to trying a variety of strains, but those with a good balance of THC and CBD are likely to be your party companions.

While your birth month might offer some insights into your cannabis preferences, individual experiences and personalities are complex and multifaceted. Your journey with cannabis is uniquely yours, and there’s a vast array of strains and consumption methods to explore, regardless of when you were born.

So, whether you’re a contemplative connoisseur born in January or a festive flower enthusiast born in December, embrace your cannabis journey and enjoy the diverse and exciting world of this herbal goodness.


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