Strain review: Cosmic Railway from The Green House Durango

by DGO Pufnstuf

Have you ever smoked a strain that calmed you enough to make your brain stop running on a hamster wheel? Yeah, I’m sure you have. Lots of strains will do that. But have you ever smoked a strain that not only calmed your brain but also kicked your productivity into high gear AT THE SAME TIME?

If the answer to my query is yes, then I’d like to bet all my money on the fact that you’ve smoked some Cosmic Railway before. This strain, a cross between Stardawg and Ghost Train Haze, somehow takes the best of both worlds (the sativa and indica worlds, obviously) and smashes them together to make one very puzzling — yet very badass — strain.

I got my hands on some Cosmic Railway over at The Green House in Durango. This strain is from their Pagosa Springs grow, and it clocks in at about 27% THC. I’d never smoked this strain before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect prior to opening the container. What I found inside were small, dense nugs that stank to high hell. My entire living room reeked of weed as soon as I opened it.

I decided to load a bowl midday because, well, why not. It looked harmless enough. I lit it up, took a few hits, and was pleasantly surprised at how good this strain tasted. It had more of a green, earthy flavor than the heavy skunky smell the nugs led me to believe, which was, again, not what I was expecting. I’ll take it, though. Better green and fresh than a mouth full o’ skunk, right?

It wasn’t just the look and the taste of Cosmic Railway that surprised me, though. This strain was full of surprises. A few minutes after the bowl was cashed, I started to feel the effects of this strain, but it was a very clear high, one that wiped my brain of all the clutter and jumbled words that just sit up there waiting to be used in some dumb story. I kind of felt … I don’t know … refreshed? Clean? It’s tough to explain. All I know is that I could think without having 2,000 distractions per minute pulling me in different directions.

And that clearheadedness wasn’t the only effect, either. Not only was my brain as clean as a dry erase board, but I also found myself being able to multitask, something that I normally suck at. Now, to be clear, my version of multitasking was chatting with some friends on FaceTime while folding a bunch of towels and half-watching an old episode of Rick and Morty, but still! I was able to do it without completely losing my train of thought while talking, which is highly unusual for me.

I also found myself to be a bit more chatty than normal. As a die-hard introvert, that is NOT my usual M.O., so my desire to talk was definitely a byproduct of the high from Cosmic Railway. This stuff made me want to discuss everything and anything, politics included. It was like the best version of me, and I got some towels folded in the process. Not bad, Cosmic Railway!

I was pleasantly surprised by this strain. It made me chipper, focused, and chatty … three things that rarely go hand in hand for me. Cosmic Railway is going to be a permanent fixture on my shelf, and I plan to pull it out any time I’m having trouble getting things done (or reverting to silencing my phone to avoid people).

If you haven’t tried this one out, do it — especially if you’re one of my people (who hates human interaction). It would be the perfect bar strain for introverts … if we were allowed to go to bars right now. I plan to use it for that, too, once we’re not all at risk of catching a deadly virus from each other. Maybe it’ll keep me from being the quiet weirdo at the table who’s overwhelmed with the noise and other humans. But until then, I’ll just use it for everything BUT bars instead.

DGO Pufnstuf


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