Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Downtown Lowdown: Durango’s Elder Grown is building jamtastic momentum

Lemmy has been dead for two weeks. By now through social media you’ve probably heard...

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Downtown Lowdown: The Wailers are still preaching 35 years after Marley’s death

Bob Marley would have turned 71 this February. Music critics and fans continue to lament the...

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Downtown Lowdown: When money and music mix (or don’t)

I’m not, and have never claimed to be, a musician. What instruments I do own sit silent...

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Downtown Lowdown: New music to look for in 2016

The statement “no good music has been made since (insert decade here)” has to be...

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Downtown Lowdown: The 10 best albums of 2015

There are always going to be lots of musicians making shitty music. There will always be fewer...

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Downtown Lowdown: Ska band Oatie Paste still finding crowds here

Durango’s love affair with ska is certainly no secret, with its biggest ska export...

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Magi Nation puts a local, Durango spin on reggae

The level of reggae fandom is often void of a gray area. For some, it’s a genre...

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Downtown Lowdown: ’Tis the season for sucky music (and the few who get Christmas tunes right)

Welcome to the holiday season and all its baggage that makes this equally the most joyous and...