Love it or Hate it

One topic. Two writers. One loves; one hates.

Ar 170629921

Love it or hate it: Glitter

Love itThere will always be a part of me that pines to be an...

Ar 170619809

Love it or hate it: Pickups

Love itMichael J. Fox, you freakin’ Chuck...

Ar 170609634

Love it or hate it: Skunk smell

Love itThere’s something ripe, plump, juicy, and...

Ar 170609986

Love it or hate it: Tourist traps

Love itOMG gawd. Get me in a car, turn on the radio, give me...

Ar 170529814

Love it or hate it: Hotels

Love itIf I ever had my own private Idaho, it was a hotel...

Ar 170519647

Love it or hate it: Vegetables

Love itDudes. Seriously, I know that asparagus makes your pee...

Ar 170519986

Pets in costumes

Love itI have wanted a dog for … YEARS. I have always...

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Love it or hate it: Camping

Love itMainly because of a lack of gear, the camping...