Strain of the week

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Weed review: Golden Goat

What is it?Golden goat is another one of those strains...

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Green Crack

What is it?Despite its popularity as a new strain in...

Ar 160519895

Agent Orange

What is it?Agent Orange is a very nice hybrid created by...

Ar 160509830

Strain review: Strawberry Nightmare

What is it?

The only reason to wake up terrified in the middle of the night is because...

Ar 160429611

Strain review: Blue Dream

What is it?

Blue Dream is a 50/50 hybrid whose parents are a cross between Blueberry,...

Ar 160429969

Strain review: Louis XIII

What is it?

Like most of the California Ocean Grown strains, Louis XIII has...

Ar 160419849

Tincture Belle Chronic Dreamz

What is it?

It’s 100mg of THC infused in smooth white chocolate with crunchy...

Ar 160409762

Weed review: Ectocooler

What is it?

It’s definitely not the Ghostbusters-inspired fluorescent green Hi-C...