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Strain review: Berry White

What its its?Whether you call it Berry White, White Berry...

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Weed review: Alaskan Thunder *#@$

What is it?ATF is an old-school sativa that was bred in...

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Weed review: Lemon Diesel

What is it?This strain came highly suggested from a...

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Strain review: White Girl

What is it?White girl is a seriously-powerful...

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Weed review: Golden Goat

What is it?Golden goat is another one of those strains...

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Green Crack

What is it?Despite its popularity as a new strain in...

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Agent Orange

What is it?Agent Orange is a very nice hybrid created by...

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Strain review: Strawberry Nightmare

What is it?

The only reason to wake up terrified in the middle of the night is because...