Strain of the week

Ar 160309905

Weed review: Space Cream

What is it?

Space Cream is relatively new to the scene, but it’s already gained a...

Ar 160229770

Strain review: Mother’s Finest

What is it?

Originally bred in Amsterdam by Sensi Seeds, this 70 percent sativa dominant...

Ar 160219966

Strain of the Week: Aphrodisiac (Sensi)

What is it?

An aphrodisiac is anything you can take that stimulates sexual desire, and...

Ar 160209874

Strain of the Week: Great White Shark

What is it?

Great White Shark is a multi-award-winning blend of exceptional genetics...

Ar 160119834

Strain of the week: Kosher Kush

What is it?

This is my favorite strain, so I’m excited to finally review some,...

Ar 160109752

Weed review: Keef Cola Root Beer

What is It?

Kief or Keef is an Arabic word meaning “pleasure or...

Ar 151239967

Strain of the week: Deadhead OG

What is it?

This beautiful 60/40 sativa-leaning hybrid wasn’t cooked up by Jerry...

Ar 151229845

Strain of the Week: Cantaloupe Haze

What is it?

This almost-pure sativa is a cross between a Landrace variety found in...