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DGO is a bi-weekly for readers who earnestly pursue live music, are lovers of good food, have palates that yearn for hops or grapes, enjoy local acting, feel invigorated by great night life, want to know about recreational cannabis and want to find out the best ways to spend their weekends.

What's inside

Feature Stories: Issues and trends in the arts and entertainment world

Calendar: Events happening in and around the area

Movies: What’s playing at our local theaters

Books: What’s up with the literary scene

Music: Profiles, reviews and previews of touring and local artists

Theater: Exploring the vibrant local stage

Food, beer, wine and cannabis: Culture and trend in eating and drinking.

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Chandler Sommerfeldt

Have a question or need pricing? Call Chandler at 970-375-4553 or email [email protected].
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Our readers can easily pick up a free publication every other Thursday at over 100 locations in places including: restaurants, colleges, coffee shops, hotels and major shopping districts.

Outlets and Growing

Reading Print, Social and Online

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DGO Advertising:

it's all about you

Reach a fresh audience, your new customers!

Joining with DGO, you not only connect with the nearly impossible to reach “millennials” but you also get to work with our smart and sassy graphical geniuses to tell your story!

Stop making ancient ads, we can help you drop 20 years!

Print and digital rates

Have a question or need pricing call 970-375-4553 or email [email protected]

Print ad sizes

*TRIM SIZE: 10.75″w x 13.75″h

*LIVE AREA: 9.75″w x 11.5″h

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Digital media placements

*100% responsive ad design adjusts and renders nicely on any reader’s device.

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Booking Deadline: Previous Thursday, close of business before publication

Artwork Deadline: Friday close of business

Publication Day: Thursday every other week

Submitting your artwork

Camera Ready Artwork Specifications: Camera Ready Artwork must adhere to the SNAP 2009 specifications for newsprint advertising. PDF settings and color profiles can be download here: bit.ly/DGO-Settings

Acceptable artwork formats:

  • We accept high resolution EPS, TIFF, and PDF files.
  • 200 DPI resolution is a minimum, 300 DPI resolution is preferred.
  • Acrobat PDF – fonts, images and objects embedded.
  • InDesign PDF, EPS – fonts to outlines.
  • Illustrator PDF, EPS – fonts to outlinesPhotoshop PDF, EPS, or TIFF – (layers must be flattened).


Non-acceptable camera ready/final output files:

  • Microsoft Office Documents: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher.
  • RGB Image files: JPG, PNG, GIF.
  • PDF files that require editing or resizing.

Small type from Hell: Advertising Terms & Conditions

a. Rate Revision Notice – Publisher reserves the right to revise advertising rates upon thirty days notice and all contracts are accepted subject to this reservation.

b. All claims for billing adjustments must be made within 90 days of error. No adjustments will be made after 90 days.

c. Position Policy – Publisher will make every attempt to grant the advertiser position requests. However, no position can be guaranteed. Position requests for a specific page, if fulfilled, carry a 25% premium cost. If two requests are received for the same position in any given edition the larger ad will receive priority. No front page advertisement is permitted at this time with exception of sticky notes and spadeas.

d. Proofs Policy – Publisher will not be liable for failure to publish an advertisement as requested for more than one incorrect insertion of an advertisement. Proofs may be requested on all ads. Proofs submitted to advertiser removes all responsibility of the Publisher, except in cases when there is a failure of the newspaper to correct timely-submitted, properly marked errors or omissions on the proof. In any case, the publisher’s liability shall be limited to the correction of, or the cancellation charge, for that portion of the ad rendered valueless by such error or omissions. Proofs will not be shown on ads accepted after deadline and the Publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions in such ads.

e. Letters of Correction – In the case of a Publisher printing error, a letter of correction will be delivered to the store if requested by the advertiser. The Publisher will not assume any liability for any difference if goods are sold at the incorrect price.

f. Political Advertising Policy – Any ad involving a political figure, party, or a government issue, regardless of election time, is considered political. All political advertising is payable in advance, and must include all information required by local, state, and federal law, the Publisher also requires that point of contact information be included in all advertising as well. Political advertising will be published only when full payment has been made prior to the deadline of publication date and insertion order has been received.

g. Going out of Business, temporary or transient business ads must be pre-paid. All outstanding balances must be paid prior to running.

h. Advertising simulating News must carry the words “Paid Advertisement” prominently above the ad.

i. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for materials provided by advertisers, although every effort will be made to return them in good condition if requested.

j. Advertiser and advertising agency will indemnify and hold harmless the Publisher, it’s officers, agents, employees, and contractors, for all contents supplied to publisher, including text, representations, and illustrations of advertisements printed, and for any claims arising from contents including, but not limited to, defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism, and in the case of a preprinted insert, deficient postage.

k. Cancellation of space or extreme proof changes. – Because of the costs and additional labor caused by late cancellations of advertising or extreme proof changes, the Publisher reserves the right to charge a 25% fee for advertising canceled after our published deadlines or for any advertisement that has more than three (3) change corrections.

l.Terms – Credit must be established before advertising is scheduled, except for pre-paid advertising. Advertising rates are net and non-commissionable. Billing is on the last business day of each month and includes sales tax. All invoices are due on receipt.· Accounts more than 30 days past due are subject to suspension of advertising privileges and collection. A 1.5% service charge will be added on all past due accounts. This amounts to 18% annual interest.· There will be a $20 service charge on all returned checks.· Prepayment will be required for any advertiser at the discretion of the Credit Manager.

m. Commissions – National/Open Rates are commissionable at 15% to approved advertising agencies only. No cash discount.Advertiser is still ultimately responsible for payment of account, regardless.DGOAdvertising Department

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