Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Jim Lauderdale: A treasure for musicians AND music-lovers

In 2014, singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale released his 26th record, titled “I’m...

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Anniversary lets Warsaw Poland Bros. relive ska’s old days

Chris Poland has made a living out of playing party music. The now-California-based musician...

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Carrie Nation is gritty and aggressive and totally DIY

The hatchet-wielding Carrie Nation wouldn't be thrilled with being the namesake of a rowdy...

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The best 6 of the first 6 months

That much closer to Christmas and that much more good music. Here are my top albums of the...

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Missing punk-grassabilly Split Lip Rayfield would be stupid

They are fearless and unapologetic as old and new fans look and listen in disbelief at the...

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Durango has its own ideas for making a great music scene

Durango’s location has never been the greatest asset to attracting national touring...

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Got the blues? Duo wants to hear it at new Monday jam

It’s a musical ménage à-trois, a Match-dot-com or Craigslist hook-up site for...

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Cale Tyson: Taking classic honky-tonk over Nashville glitz

It’s been said before: There is good country music with a born on date of...