Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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J-Calvin’s: The funky formation of an all-star Durango band

J-Calvin’s Funk Express formed inside of three minutes. Its core members, who also play...

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In praise of gateway albums, works that change our worlds

Music fans have all had their gateway albums: Those records that have moved you in a direction...

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Here’s some of what’s coming in 2018, local and national

Social Media is a great tool when it delivers information you actually need. Sift through the...

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Jazz in a church? Linda and the Jazz Monsters are ready

Great music towns showcase musicians that get around from band to band, genre to genre. An...

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For Beth Lee and The Breakups, what didn’t work in Austin could in Durango

Relationships forged in larger musical cities often shoot off into towns with smaller music...

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Durango’s Kirk James found treasure digging into blues

Kirk James has done his blues homework. The local musician, whose full time job is doing...

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San Diego’s Abner is digging that rock ’n’ roll lifestyle

Perhaps best approach to making a buck in the pain in the ass music business is an honest...

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Blue collar rocker Matt Hopper’s been everywhere. Durango is next

It’s difficult to define, or even remember the idea of “home” when you...