Strain of the week

Marijuana reviews from flower, edible, and beyond.

Ar 160419849

Tincture Belle Chronic Dreamz

What is it?

It’s 100mg of THC infused in smooth white chocolate with crunchy...

Ar 160409762

Weed review: Ectocooler

What is it?

It’s definitely not the Ghostbusters-inspired fluorescent green Hi-C...

Ar 160339971

Strain review: Red Headed Stranger

What is it?

Obviously, this insanely strong sativa is named after our old pot smoking...

Ar 160329839

Weed review: Sour Tangie

What is it?

As you can probably guess, Sour Tangie is the 80 percent sativa offspring of...

Ar 160319669


What is it?

Sueño is an obscure strain that’s gaining popularity in Colorado...

Ar 160309559

Strain of the week: Citrix

What is it?

Citrix is a very powerful cross between sativa-leaning Grapefruit, and...

Ar 160309905

Weed review: Space Cream

What is it?

Space Cream is relatively new to the scene, but it’s already gained a...

Ar 160229770

Strain review: Mother’s Finest

What is it?

Originally bred in Amsterdam by Sensi Seeds, this 70 percent sativa dominant...