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Refreshingly racy: Why I chose to run ‘Savage Love’ in DGO

I’ll admit, there have been some “Savage Love” columns that have made me...

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How to sound like you know something about football when you don’t

OK, so you’re that person at the party, the one who has not watched a down of football...

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Give your morals a rest, we all need a little freakiness

“I think I saw the outline of my neighbor’s penis in his pleather...

Embracing ambiguity: How to avoid the world’s letdowns

Living with ambiguity can be hard. Look no further than the dating scene, where no one...

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CTRL-A: Transcending his celebrity, Bowie opened doors to beauty

I have this thing about refusing to care when famous people die. I’ll read the news,...

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That sweet spot of discomfort found in the frigid Animas

Last Saturday morning, I found myself in quite the peculiar place: Completely submerged in the...

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CTRL-A: Making resolutions? Save some space for a little junk

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always a weird one, a hazy time where life...

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CTRL-A: Santa Claus doesn’t use packaging ... until he does

It was the Christmas that I was 8 going on 9 when I really started to ask questions.