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At the Jim Belushi show, the big star: My coworker, Patty

When I saw Ringo Starr and his All-Star Big Band, it was not the ex-Beatle I walked away...

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What if we just laugh at Trump? It might be our best weapon

This piece was written for and read at Studio &’s...

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Circus founders thrive on sharing these fantastic feats

If you were sitting at home last Tuesday evening, God help you. Even if you were out to dinner...

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Cringing at ‘Airplane!,’ I have to ask: Just how racist is this movie?

By virtually every account, the movie “Airplane!” is one of the funniest movies...

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Epic airport nightmare tests beliefs about karma, payback

“Karma’s a bitch.”

That’s the last thing I heard from the...

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The Follies weren’t her thing, until she found herself in it

Last year during Snowdown, I got a surprise message from my friend Lacey Black saying she had...

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El Moro is back, and so is its creative spirit, cool historic vibe

Walking past El Moro last week, I couldn’t escape the buzz radiating from its...

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I ‘didn’t get’ an entire art form before realizing my foolishness

It all started when I heard the words, “I don’t get video art” come out...