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Napoleon Dynamite’s dance and the cool confidence I saw in sixth grade

After recently re-watching “Napoleon Dynamite,” I was reminded of my favorite...

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Greg McLean, director of 'Jungle,' starring Daniel Radcliffe, talks to DGO

SPOILER WARNING: You find out if the main character lives or dies...

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PHOTOS: Telluride Horror Show 2017

Once upon a Telluride dreary, the streets were filled with gore-hounds and film buffs, not at...

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Movies full of homoeroticism, what’s a straight boy to do?

When I was a kid, I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger movies were the pinnacle of cinematic...

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Vintage Durango: Raditude from the 1990s

This ad is everything good that happened to kids in 1992. It’s missing Dr. Dre’s...

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Igniting profound empathy and action: The power of documentary films

Soft guitar music adds to the depth of the moment as I look into her kohl-rimmed eyes framed...

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Vintage Durango: ‘Deerhunter’ meets Bond

World, do you remember Sean Connery? He’s a retired Scottish actor who, before he gave...