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Native cinema reception

This year, the Durango Indpendent Film Fest is fulla powerful works. Get a chance to talk out...

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Sleazy and diverse reads for cinephiles

Here’s a starter list of books every movielover will dig, especially after getting...

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Cringing at ‘Airplane!,’ I have to ask: Just how racist is this movie?

By virtually every account, the movie “Airplane!” is one of the funniest movies...

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Vintage Durango: Creature feature coming atchya

An a-hole teenager gets an experimental therapy for his anger issues and – Oh no!...

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Decoding music and nostalgia

If you think, “Dude, music is crap compared to when I was younger,”...

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8 films to help you fight the system in Trump times

Inauguration is looming, and many of us are dreading the day when the new president-elect...

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‘Rogue One’ tops box office for 3rd weekend

NEW YORK – The new year at the box office is starting where 2016 left off: with Disney...

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Vintage Durango: Kaiju alert!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Rodan” was the first technicolor kaiju film that Toho Studios produced. Shown...