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New at Southwest Sound: Jan. 22

New releases for Jan. 22

Megadeth, “Dystopia”


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Cash’d Out honors the Man in Black

Johnny Cash was a larger-than-life working-class hero and musician who lived life with a devil...

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What’s new

Wray, “Hypatia”

Available: now via Communicating Vessels on cd and...

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Farmington Hill serves up country-fried indie rock for Johnny Cash

To get to Farmington Hill this weekend, you don’t have to drive out of town to the...

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You probably wouldn’t want to take care of ‘The Boy’

Playing at Stadium 9

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Mystery & suspense,...

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Style Fetish: David Bowie’s genius

In this week’s Style Fetish, let us look no further than David Bowie for inspiration in...

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Get Smart about old-time music

It ain’t bluegrass, youngster. But it ain’t not bluegrass, either. It’s...

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CTRL-A: Transcending his celebrity, Bowie opened doors to beauty

I have this thing about refusing to care when famous people die. I’ll read the news,...