A fancy review of live sugar from Harmony Extracts

by DGO Pufnstuf

This review took me two hours to write because I typed it with my pinky in the air. This week, I am fancy. Harmony hash fancy.

What is Harmony hash, you ask? Well, good question. It’s an extract (obviously) that’s new to Prohibition Herb, and it’s kinda top notch. Like, for real.

According to our friends at Prohibition, the reason why Harmony extracts are so fancy is because they use a special blend of hydrocarbon solvents to extract high-quality cannabis concentrate from live or fresh frozen flower. I don’t know the science behind it, but what I do know is that the process leaves you with extracts that come rockin’ high levels of terpenes – those wicked-smelling oils that can get lost during other, more harsh, extraction processes – and all of the good traits the strain is known for.

Harmony offers a ton of different options, and the strain we picked – Agent Orange – came in a live sugar, which meant that the extract was kinda grainy and sugary compared to your regular ol’ wax or shatter, and looked like it had been preserved in thick, yellow honey. In other words, it LOOKS really cool.

It also smells really cool, too. Or, rather, it smells really strong, which in this case is a great thing. Agent Orange, a hybrid created by crossing Orange Velvet with ol’ Jack the Ripper, is known for its citrusy, bright scent, and the sugar we reviewed had an obvious orange peel smell to it. It also smelled kinda earthy and skunky (we don’t mind), so there was no mistaking what was in the tiny glass container in our hands. Probably shouldn’t have popped it open to play with at the office. Sorry, coworkers.

Anyway. I smoked this, or rather vaped it, with a friend who’s staying with me while trying to find an apartment (damn it, Durango…why u no have affordable rentals?!). We were both super stoked to try it. One small scoop of the syrupy sugar and one quick click of the pen and the Agent Orange sugar IMMEDIATELY turned to vapor, and without the weird burning smells you can get from some concentrates (and before you say anything, I do not have the damn pen on too high).

I made sure to warn the friend prior to our session that this stuff was really potent – we’re talking 65.23 percent THC, folks – so it would be wise to take it slowly. That, of course, went out the window as we passed the pen back and forth. The problem was that the sugar was so easy to smoke – there was very little aftertaste and what was pleasant and slightly floral – that we forgot to moderate our intake. Whoops?

Given the high THC content, it’s not really that surprising that both of us were stoned out of our actual minds after a few minutes. The high started off in my head, first with those brilliant stoner ideas that surface when you’re on Mars, and later jumped right into all of my appendages. This strain straddles the indica-sativa fence nicely, and in a word, it was awesome.

I remember quite vividly how it went down. There I was, feeling like the smartest person on Earth – I have no idea what I was going on about, but I remember emphatically telling EVERYONE about it – and then, mid-sentence, I felt my hands start to pulsate and my cheeks began to feel puffy. I’m not sure how to explain the route it took from there, so I’ll let my notes do it. They say:

“There’s a blurring line between my arm and head, and both my feet just shot up in tandem for no reason. I. am. high.”

Your guess is as good as mine, man. The body high was clearly real with this one. So was the cottonmouth, but if that’s the ONLY downside, I’ll take it all day, e’ry day.

As for the friend, well…things went in a similar fashion. She was clearly very high, nodding her head vigorously at nothing, and at one point, I saw her in the kitchen staring at the sink and looking mighty confused. I walked in and asked what was up. The response? She was very concerned because something in the sink was making noise, and she felt like it was the sink mocking her. I had to inform her that no, it was not the sink mocking her, but the dishwasher, which was making a noise BECAUSE IT WAS RUNNING. I was so effing amused, you guys. My abs still hurt from laughing.

The high from the live sugar lasted a very long time, and my mouth is still kinda dry this morning, probably because I depleted all of my body’s moisture by eating my weight in garlic bread before passing out.

I really liked this sugar, and while it has a higher price tag than regular ol’ flower – it’s aimed at cannaseurs who know and want the best stuff – it’s worth the clams you’ll shell out to buy it. It was a fun, silly high that touched on all of the good parts of being stoned, and now I get to make fun of the friend for being dumb as hell about a dishwasher. All good things, me thinks.

DGO Pufnstuf


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