A quick guide to indicas and sativas

by Meggie J

For any marijuana user, it’s important to distinguish between indicas and sativas. Keep in mind that all people and all marijuana products are different, as is everyone’s individual reaction to them. As always, be responsible and use in moderation.


Where it’s from: Originally hailing from drier climates, this plant grows short and squat, with broad leaves and dense, sticky-smelling buds.

General effects:Contains higher levels of CBD, when mixed with TCH is an excellent source of pain relief

Great for alleviating stress

Lowers heart rate

Helps with insomnia

Tip: Indica is not especially great for social situations. It is not a chatty weed, however, it is great for nights you just want to binge watch Netflix in your jammies eating popcorn until you melt into your couch.

Examples: African Queen, Grape Kush


Where it’s from: Hailing from more humid conditions than their indica cousins, these plants are tall with skinny leaves and the buds tend to be tight and thin.

General effects:Contains higher levels of THCV; when mixed with THC creates a more clear head buzz


Social and motivating

Creative and fun

Tip: Sativa is not particularly good for nervous people, as it can be a little too strong for those with anxiety issues. While some will love the pick-me-up and may want to clean their house till it sparkles, others might experience mild paranoia.

Examples: C99, Jack Herer

HybridA combination of both sativa and indica, hybrids offer the best of both worlds, giving a middle-of-the-road high. While some hybrids are 50/50, many are either sativa or indica dominant depending on their lineage. Your local bud tender can help you decide which of these is best for you depending on your desire.

Examples: Blue Dream, Strawberry Kush

Meggie J


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