Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Willy Vlautin, a great American writer in both song and book

His novels champion regular folk. The same regular folk who get up every day and grind through...

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Durango Celtic Festival is a soundtrack for a very good time

Move past the lyrical content of murder ballads and the jilted lover songs and you’ll...

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Dale X Allen wants more rock ’n’ roll in Colorado

The music scene in the four corners got a bit cooler when Dale X Allen pulled into town. The...

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Southwest Music Festival to get psychedelic with Monophonics

Analog never went away. Some musicians may tout their straight-to-tape recording as old-school...

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Sihasin mixes traditional Navajo with punk rock

An interview with Jeneda and Clayson Benally of the rock duo Sihasin reveals more than the...

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A music space where listening is the point: McCarson Tafoya debuts the Red Scarf Studio Listening Room

Full-time musicians need more venue owners and show promoters working in the best interest of...

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Furtado is less banjo twang, more slide-driven dark turns

Tony Furtado is not a bluegrass musician. His earlier records and his resume, which includes...

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Andy Thorn is making his (banjo) mark on Leftover Salmon

Andy Thorn could be anybody’s banjo player. Jug or jam band, progressive newgrass or...