Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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J. Calvin channels troubled musical great Amy Winehouse

Her dirty laundry at times got more ink than her talent. The tabloids and other media gossip...

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Rock, jazz, and classical bands bring a party to the park

Jeroen van Tyn lights up when he talks about Stillwater Music. The executive director of the...

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Singer-songwriter Thom Chacon on stories, drifters, and melodies

Singer-songwriter Thom Chacon likes a good story. He likes a good story so much that when...

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Downtown Lowdown: The Sons of Ranier, a band built on happenstance and harmonies

The Sons of Rainier are a band built on harmonies – literally. Before the band was...

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Elmore’s Corner and the art of playing in a duo

Local rock band Farmington Hill was born a duo. Before they named themselves after the...

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Western Centuries are true musicians in an era of bro-country dipshittery

Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson are NOT the only musicians saving country...

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Expanders: Old school reggae

Devin Morrison was in high school in the late ’90s when he and other members of The...

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Farmington rock band Cinematica takes the Balcony Bar stage on April 6

Eddie Jacquez’s persistent attempts to get recognized by a record producer have paid...