Downtown Lowdown

Bryant Liggett covers the hottest music acts in Durango

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Bluegrass musician Eric Brace embraces the punk-rock life

Slickee Boys, the early new-wave and punk band that kicked around Washington, D.C. several...

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Dance and do some good with the Summer Concert Series

It’s no secret that Durango is a rock solid community, chock full of people ready to...

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The blues, funk, and world music soup of Afrosonics

Afrosonics keyboard player Todd Dunnigan likes to use a soup analogy to discuss his band. The...

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The rowdy musical prowess of Ramblin’ Dean Waco

Go where you’re wanted. It’s a simple business model for musicians, one that may...

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Grammy winner Charles Humphrey steps into a new band, new role

The recent departure of bass player Charles Humphrey III from Steep Canyon Rangers, the...

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Aaron Einhouse does country music his own way

Music columnists have penned a lot of words and spilled a lot of ink describing the music...

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Six Dollar String Band is old-time, experimental bluegrass

Six Dollar String Band albums are growing to be more than just traditional records.


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Elder Grown’s new record was years in the making

Local band Elder Grown’s new record was an effort years in the making, and it has the...