Strain review: Dadirri Sunrocks from Prohibition Herb

by DGO Pufnstuf

I am so behind on all of the new cannabis products that are hitting shelves. Not only has 2020 been the equivalent of licking a dirty foot, but it’s also making me feel like I’m completely out of the loop on everything — cannabis included. I didn’t even realize I was that far behind until I got an email from Prohibition Herb asking me to review a product from Dadirri and I realized I’d never even freaking heard of them.

Everyone in the dispensary had, though. I thought I’d have to explain what the hell I was talking about when I finally dragged my ass into the dispensary to pick up the products for review, but nope. The budtenders were all up to date on their cannabis product info. I was the only one who was behind on the news. I guess some of us aren’t taking this COVID pandemic personally and pouting our way through. The fine folks at the pot shops are still fully functioning adults.

And those fully functioning adults did me a solid with that Dadirri recommendation because let me tell you, these products are freaking badass. Apparently, Dadirri is known for top of the line products which aim to provide consumers with a cleaner, tastier, and superior cannabis experience. That was clear once I’d gotten my sticky, lazy mitts on some of it, but we’ll get to that. Back to the pot shop.

So, Dadirri has a few different products on the shelves to choose from, like infused pre-rolls, and all of them are made with the highest quality ingredients. We’re talking craft batches, premium strains — the whole shebang. Prohibition is carrying the Dadirri pre-rolls and something called sunrocks, which I hadn’t tried before. I’ve conquered moonrocks a few times, but never the sunny version of the stuff.

I passed up the pre-rolls in lieu of some Tiger’s Blood Sunrocks, which is a top-shelf bud that’s soaked in distillate and coated in bubble hash. The container of Sunrocks I picked up has about 57.27% THC in it — but I figured it would be an insane amount after the budtender schooled me on the product.

I found out very quickly, though, that higher THC does not always equal out-of-control pot reviewer. It can in some instances, but not in this one. And that’s a good thing. I wanted to be functional so I could read my notes afterward.

These sunrocks not only left me functional but also in a state of bliss like I’d never experienced. I knew I was in for something special by the way the budtender talked them up, and then when I popped open the lid on the container, it was confirmed. Sitting inside that little white jar were three or four nugs of bud, tucked neatly beside one another. It was almost too pretty to touch.

I did touch it, of course, because that’s my job, but I felt bad doing it. The nugs looked like a work of art or like fine chocolate or something. They ground up like fine art, too — a couple of twists of the Chromium Crusher, and they were rendered into tiny green bits of bud that were perfect for the dry herb vape. There was no sticky mess with these sunrocks. That was NOT the case with the last batch of moonrocks I reviewed. Those gummed up my grinder something fierce. So I would recommend these on that factor alone.

It’s not just the packaging and the easy grinding that sold me, though. These sunrocks also heated into the most beautiful vapor. It was heavy but not thick — and tasted green and clean, not chemically or bitter.

Once I’d gotten past the beauty of the vapor, the high kicked in. It was a smooth, mellow ride — one that plastered a smile across my face like it was painted on. I was bordering on giddy, despite being a miserable prick who’s starting to glow from a lack of vitamin D and the computer screen. I hate COVID.

I love this stuff, though. And that smooth, blissful ride continued for what felt like hours. There was no ebbing and flowing to the feeling. It just settled over me like warm sand. I was content and happy, but also found myself being super creative, too. That hasn’t been the case for a while — the pandemic has really caused some writer’s block the last month or so, but this got those creative juices going. My notebook is now full of ideas. Some are shit, but a few are good. For someone who’s been struggling to find words, I’ll take a few good ideas over none.

And, oddly enough, the feeling of contentedness and bliss, along with that creative streak, remained the most noticeable effect up until I passed out. I don’t remember feeling starved or thirsty. All I remember is happiness.

If I could compare this jar of sunrocks to anything, it would be a meal with friends. I got from it the same happy and at-ease feeling I get when I’m hanging out with people I love and trust. I was satiated in every way.

I’m back to being a miserable prick now, mind you, but that’s only cause I slept off the sunrocks. If I could infuse my food or the air around me with this stuff, I would. It’s that good.

Listen. Don’t let the 50% THC scare you off. You’ll love these sunrocks. Dadirri got every single factor right with them, and I’ll be loading up before this review publishes so I can make sure to have enough on hand for the near future. I don’t need y’all killing my vibe by buying it all out.

Once I’m stocked up, you all really need to get your hands on some. They’ll change your life. Or it will at least change your mood, anyway, which feels life-changing in these dire, gross times.

DGO Pufnstuf


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