Love it or Hate it

One topic. Two writers. One loves; one hates.

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Love it or Hate it: Jell-O

Love itHonestly, I couldn’t tell you exactly what...

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Love it or Hate it: Eddie Redmayne

Love it Eddie Redmayne’s grandma absolutely loves his...

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Love it or Hate it: Mornings

Love it As sheriff Jim Hopper uttered on “Stranger...

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Love it or Hate it: Road trips

Love itRoad trips are about freedom, the quintessentially...

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Love it or hate it: Ranch

Love itRanch dressing is that person everyone wants around...

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Love it or Hate it: Winter

Love itEvery year around September, like clockwork, I think...

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Love it or Hate it: Cemeteries

Love itPop culture has shamelessly promoted the notion of...

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Love it or Hate it: Haunted houses

Love itI recently read an article about why anxious people...