Savage Love

A syndicated sex-advice column by Dan Savage

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When it comes to rough sex, it’s better to overthink it

I’m your average straight 42-year-old white guy. Married for a little less than a year...

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Will you stop with the long-winded answers already?

Are you incapable of concision? Your answers are too long! You blather on, often rehashing the...

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So you snooped and found something bad. Now what?

Gay, 30-something male in DC. My boyfriend of three years has been acting strange – not...

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Where Sherman Alexie steps in to help answer a question

My husband is Native American. I’m white. We’ve been together 16 years, raising...

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Refreshingly racy: Why I chose to run ‘Savage Love’ in DGO

I’ll admit, there have been some “Savage Love” columns that have made me...

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Can an introvert and extrovert make it work over the long haul?

Gay male in my late 20s. I recently ended things with a guy. Our relationship started as a...

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And now a few questions from the Savage Love Live audience

A large crowd braved a snowstorm to come out to Savage Love Live at Boston’s Wilbur...

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Advice for the newbies: Don’t attempt to push past the bend

Down to business: Christmas came and went, and every present I bought for my extraordinary...