Seeing through the smoke

Christopher Gallagher explores weed-related trends & issues

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Let’s talk about the dirtiest of the dirty: The spliff

We spent half of last month here at Seeing Through the Smoke looking through not smoke, but...

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Opportunities, changes, and a goodbye to a friend

There are those sayings you have heard a thousand times, the ones that firmly form that border...

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When it comes to combustion, vaping keeps you in control

G’day, DGO. Last week we took a surface look at vaporizers and how they can be an...

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If you haven’t tried vaping, you’re missing out

Vaping: It’s pretty sweet. I mean, I could see how you could be made to feel weird...

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In Dennis Peron, we lost a cannabis advocate and pioneer

“I came to San Francisco to find love and to change the...

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In the Green Mountain State, the green tide keeps rolling

2,236.8 miles from Durango, 19 days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the

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In the age of prescription drug side effects, what about cannabis?

Anal leakage ... it all started with anal leakage. ’Twas not my bum, thank the stars,...

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Cannabanoids can help keep our bodies in balance

It is good to be homeostatic. Homeostasis, according to Britannica: “any...