Strain of the Week: Cantaloupe Haze

by Patrick Dalton

What is it?

This almost-pure sativa is a cross between a Landrace variety found in Michoacan, Mexico, and Haze Brother’s haze. Its award-winning genetics are rich in Equatorial Sativas, including verities from Colombia, Thailand and India. Because Cantaloupe Haze is extremely quick to flower for a sativa, it has been crossed with many other verities like G-13 for high-volume production hybrids.

The effects

Many people find the high can be a little intense. It’s uplifting and energetic for the first hour but settles into a warm fuzzy feeling until it comfortably wears off after the second hour. She’s suitable for newbies, but overindulgence can get pretty serious.

The smell

Finished properly, this strain smells very much like ripe cantaloupe.

The look

Avoiding all the childish large melon jokes associated with cantaloupes, I’ll just say it usually has hefty light-green colored buds with pale orange hairs.

The taste

It’s a very smooth smoking verity that tastes as sweet as it smells, with a slight spicy aftertaste.

The final verdict

I don’t like pushing sativas too far because they make me somewhat prone to anxiety. This one, however, gave me the feeling I could burn it down and still enjoy it. So I did! The result was an intense clear-minded almost overwhelming trip. Even though your mind feels sharp, you’re definitely impaired, so please be responsible. In low doses, she’s very kind and gives you a sweet energy lift. It’s good for stress, depression and nausea, but I liked it for its purely recreational enjoyable high.

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