Seeing through the smoke

Christopher Gallagher explores weed-related trends & issues

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Cannabis tolerance: Navigating the ups and downs

Where do you sit on the spectrum of “one-hit wonder” to “21-gram ... no...

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The outlook for legal marijuana in 2018

If you are reading this article, you somehow survived 2017 (aka The Weirdest 13 Moons in...

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Marijuana use is up in one age group, and it’s not who you might think

Who uses cannabis? High school kids? Yes, but, according to a new federal

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Marijuana a gateway drug? Do people still really believe this?

The desperation is palpable. The opponents of cannabis have reached the end of their...

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Amidst the holiday stress, embrace the season and just be

So much to do. So many people to see. So many places to go. The solstice approaches. The days...

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Whether it’s art or MJ, give the gift of psychedelia

“To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of...

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Giving the gift of weed? This primer will get you rolling

All Right! Now that Thanksgiving has passed (since ’tis gauche – and let me...

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The state of weed politics after Election Day 2017

Let us take a moment, as we breach the holiday season, to check in on my least favorite aspect...