Concentrate review: Boulder Built Grape Mints Diamonds in Sauce from Prohibition Herb

by DGO Pufnstuf

Vapin’ on some sizuuuuurp, vape-vapin’ on some siz…

Excuse the horrible Three 6 Mafia ripoff, but that vaping version of “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” has been going through my head ever since I picked up some Boulder Built concentrate from Prohibition Herb for review.

That’s what we’re reviewing for Prohibition this week, and if you aren’t familiar with the name Boulder Built, join the club. We hadn’t heard of it either, and that’s because Boulder Built is brand spankin’ new. So new, in fact, that their only web presence is via an Instagram account showcasing photos of their beautiful wares.

But being new doesn’t mean they weren’t already making a splash with the budtenders up at ol’ Prohibition. The budtender I spoke to when I went up to the dispensary to pick this concentrate up for review had already tried at least three different types of Boulder Built concentrate, which is pretty impressive given its relatively short time on the shelf.

I, on the other hand, had very little background info on Boulder Built’s products, so I did what any smart person would do: I asked the budtender what was up. Ol’ dude said he loved the ones he’d tried, but recommended the Grape Mints Diamonds in Sauce for this review. He liked the high on that one, he said, which is basically all I needed to hear.

I was impressed to see that the tag boasted a whopping 79.87% THC once I got my little container of diamonds in sauce home, and I was even more impressed once I popped the lid off. The Grape Mints diamonds were indeed in some sauce (or as I like to call it, syrup), and said sauce was the most brilliant bright canary yellow color. The “diamonds,” on the other hand, were crystal clear and sat happily in the puddle of sauce.

Given the gorgeous color of this concentrate, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I didn’t want to just stick my dab pen into the jar, though. It felt wrong to sully up the pretty diamonds and drippy syrup with puddles of brown from the heat of the pen, so I opted to be fancy and scoop it into the pen instead.

It was a good call on my part, if I do say so myself, as it helped to protect the shiny concentrate that was sitting in the jar. It was also a good call because the pen easily melted down the concentrate and elicited massive clouds. I really wasn’t expecting such huge shows of smoke, but holy hell did this stuff heat up nicely.

It also tasted quite nice – it was clean and bright rather than chemically, which is the taste I’ve gotten from a few other types of concentrates. And, a few hits in and my brain was as foggy as my living room had become via the clouds. In other words, I was very high.

I was so high, in fact, that the one pathetic bulb I had lit in the lamp near me felt entirely too bright to deal with. The only problem was that I wasn’t super interested in getting up and resolving the issue, so I just sat there complaining to myself, inside my own head, about the fact that it was so freaking bright in my house.

And, shortly thereafter, my eyes started to feel super high – you know the feeling; it’s that dry, pulsating sensation that happens from time to time with quality cannabis products. So, I just sat there, aware that the light was too bright and my eyes were pulsating, but not caring enough to do something about it.

I also didn’t care to do anything about the fact that my brain had latched onto the “sippin’ on some sizzzzurrrrrrp” line from the song referenced above and morphed it into an ode to the canary yellow syrup in the concentrate container. I was just happy being stoned on some sweet Boulder Built, I guess.

And, it’s been in and out of my brain ever since. Normally I’d be complaining, but I really liked this concentrate, so I’ll let the earworm issue go. Dealing with that is worth the kind of high I got from Grape Mints, and it’ll go away at some point, right? Like maybe when I run out of concentrate?

Anyway, long story short: Boulder Built is clearly more than good looks. It’s also quality stuff. Will it cause you to hum Three 6 Mafia for a week? Maybe. But it’ll also get you super stoned and it’s clearly a quality product. So if I were you I’d snag some before the budtenders and DGO employees buy out the entire stock at Prohibition. It’s bound to happen sooner or later with a concentrate this good.

DGO Pufnstuf


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