Edible review: 1906 Midnight

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

I won’t lie to you, dear readers, it’s difficult to write 600 words about a product that made you fall asleep. Granted, this product – Midnight – was specifically made by Denver cannabis company 1906 to do just that. But alas, the process of falling asleep is not an exciting one – all though, in this instance it was a delicious one.

In any case, sitting in bed whilst eating chocolate or any number of junk food options until I pass out is pretty par for the course for me. So, when I saw the exquisitely packaged Midnight gracing the counter space of Durango Organics, I felt it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Thus, this review.

Let’s get into the weeds of this sleep-inducing dark chocolate bar, shall we? The company, 1906, named for the year the Wiley Act (the Pure Food and Drug Act) was enacted, was founded in 2014 by former Wall Street financier Peter Barsoom.

“What I found when we first came out here about two years ago was there was a big gap between what consumers’ needs are and what was on the market today, particularly in the edibles market,” Barsoom told Business Insider in 2016.

This particular product, Midnight, is dark milk chocolate specifically engineered to help you sleep. In fact, it even comes with a guarantee: Within 15 minutes of consuming a piece (1906 recommends that you take no more than two), you’ll feel the effects.

Midnight comes in a three-pack or a six-pack and each gem-shaped chocolate is packed with five milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD. Other than cannabis, Midnight also contains the ingredient corydalis – an herb that induces sleep without the annoying groggy hangovers that come with so many sleep aids. The last time I took NyQuil, the next morning I didn’t have enough brain cells to rub together to form complete sentences. So this was a win in our book.

According to the 1906 website, Midnight is one of their best selling products – a fact I confirmed with my friendly-neighborhood budtender at Durango Organics. The product is indeed quite popular, she said. In fact, just that morning she had to inform a disappointed customer that they were out of their Midnight six-packs.

On a personal note, I vacillate between healthy sleeping habits and periods of insomnia where I either can’t get to sleep or I wake up two to three hours after I’ve drifted off and spend the rest of the early morning hours dreading having to go to work on such little shut-eye. So, armed with both the confidence of the Internet and a cannabis expert, I tossed Midnight onto my shopping list and not long after it was riding home with me in my passenger seat.

That night, I maneuvered open the box to gaze upon the beautiful, prism-shaped vessel of chocolate. And I really do mean beautiful. These edibles are so delectable and exquisite looking, it feels more like you went shopping at a fancy jewelry store that sold wares made out of chocolate rather than precious stones. I dug it. They were almost too perfect to eat. Almost.

For the next three nights, I slept on the Midnight wave. While I can’t say that I fell asleep within 15 minutes of gobbling down one of these chocolates, I can say that once I was out, I was out. No tossing and turning or waking up multiple times a night wondering if my existence was utterly meaningless. Pure, unadulterated eight hours of sleep, just like the doctor ordered.

As for the taste, well, I’m happy to report that Midnight chocolates taste fan-friggin-delicious. I love the rich tones of dark chocolate so having an excuse to eat it right before bed in the name of work was a pleasure. There’s no weedy aftertaste with these morsels and no pungent smell either.

As I’ve stated previously, edibles aren’t really my thing, if you will. However, I would buy 1906 Midnight again in a heartbeat. If you’re a fellow sleep struggle bus passenger, maybe it’s about time to try out Midnight. It just might put you to sleep.

Sir Blaze Ridcully


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