Edible review: Wana Quick Limoncello gummies

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

“It tastes like Skittles!”

This was the first phrase that came out of my friend’s mouth as soon as they tried the Wana Quick Limoncello gummies. After I tried on next, I couldn’t have agreed more. They were effing delicious and, if they weren’t a bunch of edibles, I probably would have downed the whole thing by myself.

So, what is Wana’s line of fast-acting gummies exactly? Let’s get into it!

One of the complaints some people have when it comes to edibles is a) how long it takes to get high, and b) how long edibles last once you do get high. As a result, it can be tough to dose. Cut to the Wana Quick line where, instead of being metabolized in the liver, Wana used nano-encapsulation technology to instead send the THC straight into your bloodstream. This way, instead of it taking anywhere from a half-hour to an hour to get stoned, it only takes roughly five to 15 minutes. The high will last you anywhere from two to four hours so you’ll still want to take it easy if you pop one of these.

This month, we’re reviewing Limoncello, a hybrid that tastes like Skittles, as my friend initially stated. These gummies, which come with 5mg of THC apiece, are friggin’ delicious. I cannot overstate that. It legitimately is like eating candy. And the best part is that it’s both vegan and gluten-free so anyone can enjoy them!

I’ve experienced and enjoyed Wana Quick edibles before (their Peach Bellini and Strawberry Margarita flavors), so I was psyched to try Limoncello as well. The really nice thing about these gummies is that when you eat them, you won’t feel like you’re melting onto your floor as you shove a bunch of junk food into your mouth. Wana Quick edibles are a chill, easy high that isn’t as intense as most edible highs, I’ve found.

This is because when edibles are absorbed through the liver, the THC is converted into an 11-Hydroxy molecule which creates a more intense stoned experience. Because these Wana edibles are absorbed through the bloodstream, however, the TCH turns into the Delta-9-THC molecule. As a result, the effects are much less overwhelming.

These Limoncello gummies made me feel floaty, like I was drifting on a comfortable cloud. It was a very giggly, smoker’s high and was all around pleasant. I didn’t feel fused with my couch or like I was about to fall asleep at a moment’s notice. Instead, I felt energetic and ready to dig into some chores I’d been avoiding all week, so my laundry basket thanks you, Wana!

As much as I love a good high that makes me wonder if I’m hearing voices from outer space, I don’t need that every Tuesday night. I’m good with a chill evening of staring dreamily at “Forensic Files” playing on my TV and being able to follow along, and I think you will be, too.

Sir Blaze Ridcully


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