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Skinwalkers, horror, and blessing yourself on set: An interview with Navajo filmmaker Kody Dayish

When you break your neck and end up in a halo for six months, it gives you a lot of time to...

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The 10 buzziest feature-lengths, documentaries and shorts from the 115 films you can catch at the Durango Independent Film Festival

For 12 years, the Durango Independent Film Festival has been hauling hella rad films to our...

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Meet the filmmakers attending the Durango Independent Film Festival

Are you in love with a movie you saw at the Durango Indie Film Fest? Tell the filmmaker how...

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Love it or hate it: Old movies

Love itI’m not gonna say all old movies are rad. Jesus...

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The professor who studied Einstein’s brain

BRAINS! Specifically, Albert Einstein’s. For 26 years, Einstein’s preserved...

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Native cinema reception

This year, the Durango Indpendent Film Fest is fulla powerful works. Get a chance to talk out...

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Sleazy and diverse reads for cinephiles

Here’s a starter list of books every movielover will dig, especially after getting...

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Cringing at ‘Airplane!,’ I have to ask: Just how racist is this movie?

By virtually every account, the movie “Airplane!” is one of the funniest movies...