We fell in love with a redheaded girl called GMO xOrange Cookies, and so will you Seriously.

by DGO Pufnstuf

You guys. I fell in love with a redhead this past week, and it’s no joke. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together, and I will be so content and happy about it.

OK, to be fair, her hair is probably more orange than red, but still. This ginger is everything I could ask for and more. And her name? Well, it’s a long one: it’s GMO x Orange Cookies.

I know; I know. How could I be in love with a ginger-haired girl with THAT name? Well, I just am. And here’s why.

So GMO x Orange Cookies — I’ve been thinking about a way to shorten this cleverly and I can’t, so it stays as is — is a newer strain from Prohibition Herb. And, as you may have guessed, it’s a hybrid with genetics that stem from, well, the GMO and Orange Cookies strains. She took the best properties from these two strains and slammed them together to make one heck of an awesome bud — one that’s green as grass and filled with bright orange hairs. In other words, she’s a beaut.

And, she’s not just pretty. She also smells awesome, too. I didn’t even have to pop open the lid to get a
whiff. I could smell the orange and citrus right through the container.

I did pop that lid off, though — oh yes, I did, and when I did, I was hit in the face with a wall of orange pungency. Love it.

Needless to say, between the looks and the smell, I was super excited to get this one fired up. I waited, though, until about 8 p.m., just in case it relaxed me to my core, as some strains, like her parent, good ol’ GMO, are wont to do.

That was a good call. Holy wow, is she potent. Not in an overwhelming way, though — but I’ll get to that. So as I said, I fired up a bowl of this GMO x Orange Cookies one random weeknight. This is my first time trying this strain out and wasn’t sure what to expect, so I wanted to take it slow. Well, I did not. One puff of this strain and I was hooked. Someone call D.A.R.E. or something.

Turns out GMO x Orange Cookies tastes as good as it smells, and I just wanted to smoke the whole bowl alone. So I did.

But before it was even cashed, I could feel myself getting very stoned. Unlike some other “very stoned” moments, though, this was a more mellow level of stoned, if that makes sense. I was quite high, but it was a manageable high. I was functional, though I did find myself hyper-focusing on the sound of the crickets chirping in my backyard, which sounded like a symphony of bugs after a few hits of this one. I was mesmerized.

And, by the time the bowl was cashed, I was even more stoned. In fact, at one point it started raining, but I couldn’t decide whether the rain was actually rain or if I was completely focused on the moisture from an earlier rain falling from the roof.

Rather than just going inside, though, I sat there trying to figure it out. You can guess what happened, I’m sure: I got soaked. It was indeed raining.

Still, I was so stoned and happy with nature that I just sat there soaking it all in. Literally.

That never happens to me. If there’s one human being on the planet who was not meant for nature, it’s me. If I’m camping or hiking, you know it’s under duress. So that was a pretty unexpected effect for me.
Once it did finally click in my brain that yes, it was raining, I took my dopey ass inside to chill.

As soon as I stepped foot inside, though, the munchies kicked in — so the chilling had to be put on the backburner. I needed snacks, and I needed them STAT. So I loaded up my arms, which were starting to feel a little bit rubbery at that point, with all of the chips and junk food I could find and dumped my stoned butt on the couch.

When I say munchies, I mean munchies. I ate everything and anything, you guys. I ate cheddar cheese rice cakes (don’t judge; they’re so freaking good), those new Starburst sour gummies, some dark chocolate that I found tucked under the health food in the pantry, the rest of the SweeTarts ropes that were in the package tucked on my side table, and who even knows what else. It was like I had never eaten food before.

Surprisingly, though, I did not simultaneously flip on the TV and drown out my brain with trash shows. That usually follows the munchies for me when I’m stoned, but not with this gal. I was just happy to sit there with my own thoughts, chuckling to myself about god knows what while I shoveled candy in my gullet. A real class act right here, eh?

And, as I sat there, a smile plastered on my face and not a care in the world, something else happened. A slight body high started to kick in. Nothing major — no couchlock or noodle arms — but my appendages felt tingly and my body felt calm and relaxed. So, I just rolled with it. What else could I do?

What was odd, though, was that at no point did that slight body high turn into a super huge body high. It just lingered there in the background, all chill and collected. Go figure.

And, I stayed that way, on the couch, surrounded by snacks, until I finally surrendered to the weed, letting my body float into the deepest sleep. When I woke up a few hours later, my eyes were still bloodshot and I was still very sleepy, so I dragged myself down the hall to pass out for the night — and I did not wake up once after that.

I have no idea how GMO x Orange Cookies worked her magic like that on this hardcore insomniac, but she did. And that’s all that matters here. I was able to get a decent amount of sleep and wake up feeling like a million bucks.

That alone would be enough to sell me on the magic of GMO x Orange Cookies, but when you add in all those other awesome pieces of the weed puzzle, it makes it clear that this one is a keeper. And keep her I shall.

And so you should you. I would imagine that this strain is going to be a staple for a lot of little potheads like me once they discover it — and it would be a shame for you to miss out on this ginger beauty.


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