Cracking the joint code

by DGO Staff

Researchers uncover the art and science of rolling the perfect joint

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal cannabis, pre-rolled joints have become increasingly popular among consumers seeking a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy their favorite herb. However, a groundbreaking study conducted by researchers at Delic Labs, a Vancouver-based marijuana and psilocybin research facility, has brought to light an essential aspect of joint rolling that may revolutionize the way canna-bis enthusiasts approach their smoking experience.

The study, which was recently presented at the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver, focused on investigating how the size of ground-up cannabis flower impacts the overall consumer experience. Using a “smoke cycle simulator” device, the researchers meticulously packed three grams of marijuana into commercially available pre-rolled papers, each containing different sizes of ground cannabis: one millimeter, three millimeters, and five millimeters in diameter.
The simulator then inhaled several times at a consistent rate, while the resulting smoke was analyzed to measure cannabinoid concentration at various stages of consumption.

Surprisingly, the researchers found that the size of the ground cannabis significantly affected the potency and duration of the smoking experience. Joints with one-millimeter-diameter grounds produced the most potent hit, boasting the highest levels of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. On the other hand, the five-mil-limeter joints offered the longest-lasting experience. The study’s results challenged the conventional consumer wisdom that often centered on selecting joints based solely on THC concentration, revealing that the size of the ground cannabis particles plays a crucial role in determining the overall impact.

At a mere one-millimeter diameter, the joints produced an average of 0.67mg of THC per hit, while the five-millimeter joints had an average of 0.51mg of THC per puff. This revelation implies that the size of the ground cannabis matters more than previously thought, and consumers should consider this factor when choosing the right joint for their desired experience.

Beyond THC and CBD concentrations, the study also shed light on another intriguing aspect. CBD-dominant strains analyzed in the experiment delivered significantly more of their main cannabinoid with each puff compared to THC-rich varieties. While the reasons for this discrepancy remain mysterious, Markus Roggen, president of Delic Labs, expressed his fascination with this finding.

“The amount of cannabinoid that gets to your mouth is higher for CBD than for THC,” said Roggen. “I cannot explain it, but I am very intrigued.”
The implications of this study extend far beyond the realm of joint rolling. As marijuana is consumed in various forms, such as vaping dried flower or using bongs, the size of the ground cannabis may likely impact the overall consumer experience in these methods as well. Consequently, the study prompts researchers to investigate further how different aspects of cannabis preparation influence consumption experiences across a range of products.

This groundbreaking research also calls into question the methodologies employed in previous studies that relied on actual joints for their conclusions. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), for instance, has funded various studies exploring the health risks and benefits of cannabis, many of which involved marijuana joints. The Delic Labs study urges researchers to reconsider their methodologies and explore the potential impact of varying cannabis particle sizes on their results.

Delic Labs’ commitment to continued exploration doesn’t stop here. The researchers are keen to delve deeper into factors such as side stream, aerosol particle size, exhaust temperature, and particles. Moreover, they aim to investigate additional cannabinoids and terpenes, broadening the scope of knowledge in the cannabis research field.

As consumers, these findings encourage us to approach our cannabis experiences with a new perspective. The size of the ground cannabis in our joints may hold the key to unlocking the perfect smoking experience, personalized to our preferences and desires. While the pre-rolled joint market continues to flourish, consumers now have the opportunity to make more informed decisions, elevating their enjoyment of cannabis to a whole new level.

In conclusion, the Delic Labs study rep-resents a groundbreaking step forward in the understanding of joint rolling and can-nabis consumption. By shining a light on the significance of ground cannabis size and its impact on potency and duration, researchers have presented the cannabis community with an exciting avenue for exploration. As we eagerly await further discoveries, it’s clear that the art and science of rolling the perfect marijuana joint are more entwined than ever before. So, the next time you indulge, remember to consider the size of your ground cannabis; it might just be the secret ingredient to a truly remarkable experience.


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