Exclusive interview: The Sneer
In which we talk to the satirical newspaper’s elusive editor

by DGO staff

It’s time again for the Sneer, the yearly satirical, snarky, fun-poking newspaper that takes aim at news, events, media and issues that have occurred since the last time we did Snowdown.

Wondering if DGO would get the torch this year, we met with the editor of the Sneer at an undisclosed, darkened parking garage in La Plata County. Loaded into a nondescript van, and blindfolded, we were driven to a location approximately 45 minutes away. Once there, we were unblindfolded but the editor appeared in silhouette and either actually sounds like Andre the Giant or had their voice altered.

What is the Sneer?

It’s a newspaper.

Why is it printed?


Where do you find the Sneer?

Downtown, at establishments.

What is the circulation?

Enough to go around.

When is it available?

Soon enough.

Who produces the Sneer?


What kind of people?


Seriously, who?

The staff is listed on page 2 if you really must know.

Why don’t you have a website or go digital?

Because that’s stupid and too much work.

How do I contact the Sneer?

You can’t, so why bother?

How long has it been published?

Quite a while.

Why does the Sneer disparage Snowdown itself?


How many journalism awards has the Sneer won?

None whatsoever. We don’t enter contests.

Can you subscribe to the Snowdown Sneer?


What is the Sneer’s policy on corrections? Surely, there are errors in each edition.

The Sneer strives for accuracy, but not very hard.

Who decides what stories are written? Do you have an editorial board meeting?

Staff meetings lead to staph infections. Plus there is no staff or board.

It sounds like you don’t want to talk to the press.

I gotta go.

DGO staff


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