Fantasia is about to be your best weed friend forever

by DGO Pufnstuf

Uh, are you guys looking for that one strain that gives you a major body high? The one that leaves you super-glued to the chair in a mellow, ever-so-slightly comatose way? Great. You’re insane, but also in luck, because I have the perfect strain for you. Say hello to Fantasia, a new strain from Prohibition Herb. She’s going to be your best weed friend forever.

This girl was created by crossing Kurple Fantasy, a beautiful purple indica strain, with Platinum Tesla, another indica and another looker of a strain, what with its stunning indigo and deep maroon tones. Not surprisingly, Fantasia got it from her mama, and has the most fancy purple tones to her dense buds, along with some bright orange hairs and deep greens. To say that she’s a jaw-dropper would be an understatement.

Oh, and she’s also quite fragrant. As in, “Don’t open the container at your desk at work, dumbass,” type of fragrant. In my haste to check this ol’ girl out, I made that very mistake, and then dealt with some serious side glances from coworkers the rest of the afternoon, many of whom were probably trying to figure out why I had a brick of weed in my desk.

I did not, in fact, have a brick of Fantasia – just a gram – but that was all it took to drown the office in this strain’s kinda sweet, kinda spicy, and VERY peppery scent. You know that sharp smell of fresh ground pepper? Yep. That’s precisely what this strain emits. I loved it, but again, if you’re trying to be inconspicuous, maybe don’t pop the lid on Fantasia at work.

And, you know, don’t smoke it if you have things to do in the next few hours, because you will be on the procrastination struggle bus. Or you’ll just be straight passed the fuck out. Either way, this is not the strain you want if you’re looking for a boost of energy.

It is, however, perfect for a stressful weeknight after work, which is precisely when I smoked it. I was way the hell over life, and figured that was the perfect time to potentially knock myself into oblivion. Not surprisingly (given this strain’s lineage), I was only a couple of hits in when I started to feel that hazy, dreamy feeling wash over me, the one you get with an indica that’s about to kick your ass in the best way. My brain went in 506 different directions – I made associations between random thoughts that make no sense as I type this, so I won’t even bother to explain – and nothing, like legitimately NOTHING, from my no good, very bad day, mattered. I was chill, content, and way out on Pluto.

And, I felt like my arms had lost all sensation. Thus is the hazard of living in my body; I’m sensitive to any body effects, and then I tend to hyper-focus on said body effects, often convinced that my arms will be floppy noodles, never to work again.

I wasn’t concerned about my arms being useless pieces of Play-Doh this time, though. Fantasia left me so freaking relaxed that, to be honest, I didn’t really care if my arms were like that scene from Harry Potter when Harry has to regrow his bones after a nasty fall from his broom. Who needs arms, anyway? In that moment, all I needed was Fantasia and a comfy place to pass out. Everything else – including my appendages – would just have to wait.

DGO Pufnstuf


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