From sour gummies to that sweet, sweet Phyx Water, these are our favorite edibles of 2020

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

The year 2020 was the year of love — love for weed that is. OK, let’s be honest. EVERY year is a year of weed love for DGO, but this year is special.

As COVID-19 limited most of our recreational activities, we got to experiment with and get more familiar with edibles. And we’re so glad we did. We found a crap ton of edibles we ended up loving that we may not have otherwise tried!

Here are our thoughts and excerpts on some of our favorite edibles we tried this year.

NFuzedThanks to NFuzed sour gummies, we got a little nostalgic reminder of what going to an actual movie theater was like and popping sour gummies for two hours as opposed to sitting in front of your TV chewing on your arm. The packaging on these edibles is like something out of Willa Wonka and the variety of flavors that come in each pack are as delicious as the snozzberries you could lick off the walls. Killer highs AND delicious candy? Sign us up!

Phyx WaterHear us out: Phyx Water is NOT your average edible. This flavored sparkling water is infused with 10 mg of quick-acting, microdosed THC that uses “nano-encapsulation absorption technology” so you’ll start feeling the effects almost immediately, or at least within 15 minutes. As an added bonus, if you’re not looking for an extended high, those effects wear off within an hour or so, meaning that you can probably chug this drink, be a bit stoned for a while, and then go back to sober in short order. Did we mention Phyx is delicious?

Wana QuickWhat’s so great about Wana Quick edibles? Let’s get into some science. To start, the cannabinoids in marijuana are oils which means that, most of the time, when you take an edible, it’s metabolized into the liver rather than the bloodstream. This is why, when you ingest an edible, most of the time, it takes around an hour for the THC to take effect. With Wana Quick, however, an encapsulation technology is used to increase the edible’s solubility and it is absorbed into the bloodstream instead which means that these gummies take effect within 5-15 minutes and last for roughly 2-4 hours. Because of the increased solubility of these gummies, you might get stoned fast but you won’t be out on your butt. Wana Quick offers a much softer high than most edibles.

Sinsère ChocolatesDespite its puzzling name, there’s really nothing puzzling about the Sinsère Chocolates themselves. They’re pretty freaking great, in fact. There are a few different flavors to choose from including bananas foster, and Irish coffee and cream. Reader be warned: these puppies are hella potent and the munchies are strong with this one. Once you devour them, it’s lights out, you guys. You’ll go from zero to really effing stoned in a matter of minutes.

Rebel Edibles caramel chewsThese Rebel Edibles caramel chews are so good, you’ll be tempted to eat all of them in one sitting. First of all, these vanilla caramel chews taste exactly like the kind of caramel your grandpa would pull out of his pocket and offer you. You’re hit first with the creamy caramel and vanilla swirl of flavors before it develops into this sticky dance of salty and sweet. In between chewing, there’s an entire half-a-second of marijuana flavor and while we don’t normally like this in an edible, we LOVED it in Rebel Edibles caramel chews. The flavors blended seamlessly together like a polite tap on the shoulder to remind you that you’re still eating an edible. These don’t take long to set in, and once they do, consider yourself parked in “relaxation station.”

Coda Signature Fruit NotesIt’s really dang hard to go wrong with Coda Signature Fruit Notes, 1) because they’re made by Coda, and 2) because there are so many different flavors to try. The company offers a whole dang smorgasbord of flavors with the Fruit Notes line: coconut and lime, mango and chile-lime, kiwi and watermelon, cherry and sarsaparilla, pineapple and jalapeno, pear and ginger, lychee and cucumber, and strawberry and rhubarb. Each bag comes with 20 pieces and each morsel contains 2.5 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC. Every little cube is coated with an infused sugar blended with spices and flavoring.

Binske chocolate barsWeed-infused or not, Binske is now at the top of our list of favorite chocolate makers ever. Here’s why. Binske, a company that was awarded the Leafly Edible Brand of the Year (during their FIRST YEAR of operation) and Best Overall Company, uses single-source Peruvian cacao in their chocolates. Their edibles are made in-house with distillate from their proprietary strains. Pure Fortunato chocolate bars carry very few ingredients: 68% raw organic cacao, cacao organic butter, organic cane sugar, and cannabis oil. Both the balance between sweet and bitter and the high calm that melts into your brain afterward is right on the money.

Wana TartsWana Tarts are an edible that tastes like a freaking Sweet Tart. What’s interesting about these Wana Tarts is that they don’t come in the normal edible dosage of 10 mg. They’re actually 5 mg each, and come in Sativa, Indica and 1:1 CBD/THC options. These tarts are meant for microdosing so you don’t overdo it. You can take 5 mg and probably be fine if you’re a regular cannabis consumer — or you can use them to start off slow and not get too high.

Dutch Girl wafflesIf you’re a seasoned marijuana user, it can be a challenge to hit that sweet spot — you know, that solid melt-into-your-couch kind of high — without consuming, say, 98,438,573,845 mg of weed. If you haven’t had the pleasure of running into Dutch Girl waffles, you’re in for a real treat. You’re welcome. The Dutch Girl waffles are basically two thin waffle-cone crackers encasing a layer of gooey syrup filling that comes in caramel, chocolate, or strawberry. Basically, they’re effing delicious. They’re so sweet, plus you really can’t smell the weed until the waffles are basically right under your nose which is a plus in our book.

Stillwater Gummy SupplementsHere’s the business: Stillwater Gummy Supplements containers come with 20 gummies, each containing five milligrams of THC. So, the good news is if you’re a lightweight when it comes to edibles, these gummies contain a perfectly tolerable amount of THC. If you’re one of those stoners who require a little higher marijuana level in order to get a good buzz going, you’ll want to chew a few of these. (Ed. note: stoner-buyer beware. Eating multiple weed gummies hasn’t fared well for us in the past, so…) Stillwater Brands promises that these gummies, which are made with Ripple, are fast-acting. “Who wants to wait 90 minutes for their edibles to kick in? With Ripple, you can feel the effects in as little as 15 minutes,” the company states on the container.

Wyld gummiesYou should always trust your friendly neighborhood budtender when you’re visiting a dispensary because this is exactly how we got our hands on some Wyld gummies. Wyld gummies come in six flavors: raspberry (sativa), huckleberry (hybrid), marionberry (indica), peach (2:1, CBD:THC), pomegranate (1:1), and strawberry (20:1). These unique gummies are so friggin’ delicious and the masses agree! Don’t believe us? Founded in 2015, Wyld is a Portland, Ore. based company and makes the nation’s top-selling edibles, according to Forbes. To give you an idea of how many people want to give this company their money, Wyld is projected to make $130 million in revenue by 2021. That’s a whopping 420% (yes, that’s the number!) increase from their profits in 2019.

Sir Blaze Ridcully


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