Ghost sightings have increased now that everyone’s stuck at home

by Amanda Push

Just because people are social distancing doesn’t mean visitors from the other side got the message nor necessarily care.

In fact, there seems to be an uptick in reported paranormal sightings. The New York Times reported on stories from across the country of people relaying their increased experiences with the paranormal now that they’re stuck at home.

These unlucky residents report everything from books flying off the shelves to their usually well-behaved dogs mysteriously barking at walls in their homes for seemingly no reason.

“The more I’m stuck in this house, the more there’s a feeling,” Kurt Schleicher of Tampa, Fla. told the New York Post. “You notice all of these weird (supernatural) things when you normally wouldn’t. And there’s so much time to think about how scary they are.”

Schleicher, like everyone else, has had to stay at home during coronavirus. Unlike most people though, his home is the site of a notorious murder spree where Victor Licata killed his parents, three siblings, and the family in 1933. We’re gonna go ahead and assume his home is about as haunted as it gets.

John Tenney, a paranormal researcher and former host of the TV show “Ghost Stalkers,” told the NYT he estimates that he received two to five reports of hauntings a month in 2019. With COVID-19, he’s now getting five to 10 reports a week.

Tenney believes that most of the cases he’s received are “completely explainable.”

“When the sun comes up and the house starts to warm up, they’re usually at work — they’re not used to hearing the bricks pop and the wood expand,” he said. “It’s not that the house wasn’t making those sounds. They just never had the time to notice it.”

This isn’t the first time Tenney has noticed an unusual uptick like this. In 1999, just before the stress-inducing Y2K that had us all believing the world was about to end, he also saw an increase in paranormal reports and U.F.O. sightings (which incidentally also seems to be a thing right now).

“It does seem to have something to do with our heightened state of anxiety, our hyper-vigilance,” Tinney said.

So, if you’re experiencing more unusual, spooky incidents than normal, know that you’re not alone. You’re probably stressed and thus hyper-aware of your surroundings – your home which you’ve been trapped in for 932,398,798,734 weeks. In fact, we’d love to hear about your experiences if you’re having them! Email us at [email protected] if you’ve noticed strange, unexplainable activity in your home during COVID-19.

Amanda Push


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