Got the Muncheez? This weed gummy line from Kaviar will make sure your tummy is a rumblin’

by Sir Blaze Ridcully

Listen dear readers: there’s getting high and then there’s getting so high you put your vape pen in your toothbrush holder. Well, maybe I should be (but, I’m not) ashamed to admit that Muncheez juicy fruit gummies got me there this week.

Have I sold you on it yet? Let’s get into it a little deeper.

Muncheez, a marijuana gummy line released by Kaviar, comes in passion fruit (indica), peach (sativa), and watermelon (hybrid). Each bag comes with 10 pieces, each infused with 10mg of THC.

Since passion fruit isn’t a flavor I come across when out in the wild (aka virtually shopping at local dispensaries for as much cannabis as the state will allow me to legally purchase at once), I decided I was going to go with an indica for this week’s review.

First off, these gummies are friggin’ delicious. Passion fruit was tropical and just sweet enough without overpowering any citrus flavor. And let me tell you, it smells divine (for full transparency, I opened up the bag and took a big whiff just now like an unhinged stoner).

As COVID-19 is heating up here in Colorado again, I stuck to my usual Friday night routine of getting stoned and watching TV until I inevitably fall asleep. True to indica style, I found myself feeling heavy, relaxed, and sleepy. At this point in my COVID quarantine, my entire living room is essentially a ball pit of snacks, pillows, and blankets strewn across couches and tables. I assume everyone’s living room has reached this peak as well, to be honest. Thus, it wasn’t long before I was a couch puddle huddled under a mountain of blankets who forgot they had turned on “Godzilla: King of the Monsters.”

I was pretty set on burrowing under my blanket fort and into my couch for the winter until I decided to clean up and put away the disaster that was atop my coffee table. When I went to put away my edibles into my handy dandy weed drawer, I sighed. It was a mess and my stoned brain decided it was a good time to attempt to aimlessly reorganize it.

As far as I could tell, it was going great! As sleepy as I was, I knew I’d feel better about it the next day.

Eventually, I lost interest, wandered around a bit with a severe case of munchies (as the name promises), and fell asleep like a rock star.

The next day, sober and clear-headed, I started the day off by doing some weekend chores. It wasn’t long though before I realized I didn’t have cause to be even nearly as proud as I was of my organizational skills the night before.

After I got bored cleaning up my weed drawer, I had apparently wandered around setting items in random places. For instance, I found one of my vape pens inexplicably in my toothbrush holder. As soon as I found it, I had a flashback to thinking that I needed to keep my vape pen propped up to let the oil flow properly (?!) and that was the best place to keep it. I am never going to live that down so please keep that between us, ok?

If you’re looking for a gummy edible that will not only flatten you but keep you as relaxed (as anyone can be during a pandemic), look no further than Muncheez — the passion fruit indica will keep things especially tranquil. I would just highly recommend not participating in any late-night cleaning.


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