Live rosin made me into a brilliant stoner

by DGO Pufnstuf

Ahem. Let’s talk dabbing, shall we?

This week, we were given a little thing called live rosin to review, which came to us courtesy of our friends at Prohibition Herb. It’s the first time we’ve checked out a concentrate made from Prohibition’s strains, and if you like dabbing, man, are you in for a ride.

So, this live rosin was created from two of Prohibition’s strains – The Brotherhood and GG #4 – by the Newt Brothers, and is a type of hash that doesn’t use a solvent in the extraction process. That’s correct, fellas: no butane, hexane, propane, CO2, or any other solvent. Rather than going the chemical extraction route, the Newt Brothers’ extract THC and those trichromes and terpenes from the plant material – which they process while fresh or fresh-frozen – by using a little heat and a lot of pressure.

What does that means for the end result, you ask? Well, it means you end up with a very strong, very clean concentrate with some pretty darn good flavor. This particular live rosin was waxy, pale yellow, and holy hell, was it dank when we opened the container. There was no mistaking what was inside that little glass tub.

I was pretty stoked to see that GG #4 was in the mix, because that is a great strain, especially when it comes from this particular dispensary. What I was a little tepid about, though, was that this live rosin tested at 69.3 percent THC, which sounded like a deadly amount to me.

Spoiler alert: It wasn’t deadly. I am still alive. And I am actually a big fan of this one, despite its harrowing THC content. I found the rosin super easy to use, and it got me very, very high with very little effort. Perfect for this lazy stoner.

And, when I say it was easy to use, I mean it. I just loaded a tiny, rice-grain-sized amount into an e-dab straw and off I went. A few seconds after heating the straw, I was inhaling the most pleasant mist. This stuff melts so nicely, and the flavor emitted by Prohibition’s new rosin has an earthy, damp taste, kind of like the air after it rains. Kinda hippie-ish, which is fitting, I guess, when you’re smoking the devil’s lettuce (or the concentrate from it, anyway).

It only took about two of those pleasant-tasting hits for me to feel stoned as hell, too. It wasn’t an overwhelming high; the feeling washed over me calmly, and felt a bit like wrapping myself in a warm blanket. It wasn’t long after that I became chatty as hell. I had so much to say (and, of course, all of it was brilliant), and while I knew I was stoned, I felt like my thoughts were conveyed pretty clearly.

I have no clue what those thoughts were, mind you, cause, well, I was stoned. I don’t need to know what they were, though. I just love the FEELING of being high and so brilliant that I can solve all the world’s issues. And that’s where this live rosin took me – into smart-stoned territory. Go ahead and be jealous that I have all the answers.

Anyway, I’m stoked that Prohibition has decided to venture into live rosin territory. Their flower was already baller, and turning it into high-end hash is just upping the ante on what were already very good products. Plus, I feel like if we had a big group meeting over a vape full of this stuff, we’d all be admitted to Mensa, or at least figure out a way to resolve the current political divide in this nation. And either one would be a massive win.

DGO Pufnstuf


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