Love it or hate it: Goodbyes

by Patty Templeton

Love ItI love a good goodbye.

Don’t get me wrong, goodbyes aren’t easy, but a good goodbye has a good hug and a good hug is a satisfying, warming, calming moment in an otherwise chaotic universe.

I endeavor to spend my time with people I enjoy and at events that bring me brainpower and bliss. When I say goodbye, it’s to folks I adore. I want them to know I care before I leave because there’s no guarantee I’ll see them again. The Specials called it straight when they sang, “The years go by, as quickly as you wink, Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.”

Saying goodbye matters to me. I try to do it as intentionally and sincerely as I’m able.

Patty TempletonHate itIt’s not that I hate leaving, I just hate having to say I am.

Goodbyes are pressure, a final moment where you want to wrap everything up, all your memories, everything you’ve always wanted to say and didn’t, a summary of the good times. A good goodbye you want to last forever, but they never do. So why try?

I also hate goodbyes even when it’s a party and you’re going to see those same rascals again soon. You’re either interrupting a conversation to announce your impending exit (and who really cares. Leave already, if that’s your attitude). Or they’d rather you stay and who can resist?

I hate goodbyes so much I often would just rather leave unannounced and figure all the sentimental stuff out later.

David Holub


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